Press Needs To Be 4th Estate Instead of 4 The State – Amy Goodman

This speech at NCMR is the first of many I will be showing on WAMMToday. Tomorrow I will publish a report on the National Conference for Media Reform on WAMMToday, which I attended. With much more to come from this incredible conference that gathered 2500 media mavens, organizers, professors, students and teachers in Boston April 9-11 2011 to talk about and share information about media advocacy, media justice, mediia technology, media criticism and media reform. –The Editor

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Democracy Now’s Amy Goodman recounts her arrest at the 2008 Republican National Convention in St. Paul Minnesota and talks about how the press has sunk to a new low by agreeing to be embedded with police to cover political conventions. She is speaking at the 2011 National Conference For Media Reform in Boston.

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    Videos from NCMR 2011 at

    – Malkia Cyril, Josh Silver, Craig Aaron and Amy Goodman at NCMR Opening Plenary
    – DN! roundtable with Craig Aaron, Sascha Meinrath and Malkia Cyril
    – Interview with Josh Stearns: The Solution To Crumbling Media
    – Jake Shapiro’s Podcasting Advice for Documentary Filmmakers
    – FCC National Town Hall: Mignon Clyburn (intro: Amalia Deloney)
    – Amalia Deloney: Building People Powered Movement for Net Freedom
    – Amy Goodman moderates the Wikileaks panel, featuring Glenn Greenwald
    – John Bonifaz discusses how to proceed in light of Citizens United.
    – Lawrence Lessig presentation launching
    – Robert McChesney discusses the need for a public-supported journalism
    – Other random video tidbits


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