Ending Moral Exclusions

Posted by David Culver

Tom Niemisto, Minnesota 2020

Conservative policy justifies disinvesting in public services and health care by using a moral exclusion argument—i.e. people who depend on these services must be deserving in some moral way to qualify for them.

Minnesota native Marisa Egerstrom, who is pursuing a Ph.D. at Harvard University in early American religion, debunks this false moral means testing in our latest installment of Activated Voices.

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Occupy Wall Street looks like church to me, Marisa Egerstrom, CNN
In the movement that’s making campgrounds out of city squares across America, it might seem there’s little religion happening. But Occupy Wall Street, and its local offshoots springing up everywhere from Boston to L.A., has described itself more clearly in the language of “soul” than in the language of federal financial regulation policy.

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