Pratap Chatterjee: The Three Faces of Drone War, Speaking Truth From the Robotic Heavens 

An excellent article re drones. Summarizes “the true cost of remote control war.” It is so much like a video game it is frightening.

Rise Up Times

 Tomgram: The True Costs of Remote Control War

By Pratap Chatterjee  May 11, 2014

Read Tom Engelhardt’s introduction here.

Enemies, innocent victims, and soldiers have always made up the three faces of war. With war growing more distant, with drones capable of performing on the battlefield while their “pilots” remain thousands of miles away, two of those faces have, however, faded into the background in recent years. Today, we are left with just the reassuring “face” of the terrorist enemy, killed clinically by remote control while we go about our lives, apparently without any “collateral damage” or danger to our soldiers. Now, however, that may slowly be changing, bringing the true face of the drone campaigns Washington has pursued since 9/11 into far greater focus.

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