Organizing Notes | Bruce Gagnon: Why Do Washington-London-Brussells Hate RT?

Media wars have entered new territory: Secretary of State John Kerry, members of the EU and the military alliance NATO all have singled out this television station – RT – as some kind of security threat. Since when is holding and broadcasting a different opinion or narrative a threat to global media freedom?

 By Bruce Gagnon  OrganizingNotes  March 27, 2015

On my way to the store this morning in the car I was listening to right-wing talk radio shock-jock Glenn Beck.  He was lauding the new ‘film’ by Fox News screamer Bill O’Reilly called “Killing Jesus”.  Seems a real disconnect that mean-spirited O’Reilly is channeling Jesus – but then again it makes sense – the Fox News host wants to deepen his credibility with the growing Christian fundamentalist audience.  Too bad O’Reilly didn’t learn anything about how to treat other people while studying the prince of peace.

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Listening to Beck promote the O’Reilly film I thought about the steady flow of disinformation that is aimed at the public citizenry by corporate controlled media.  Especially younger people, who have little direct political experience, their minds are open books to be filled with the fear-based agenda of the corporate empire.

The good sign is the existence and growing popularity of RT, PressTV and other alternative media sources. I try to share many of these sources here on the blog and in other places.  I know it’s a drop in the bucket but when we see the US-NATO talking heads crying about RT and other media we should feel confident that our collective sharing of these voices is indeed freaking out the oligarchy.

Their cover is being blown.

Published on Mar 27, 2015
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