▶ Mark Fiore: Three-Eyed Billy Embraces the Apocalypse

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By Mark Fiore  truthdig.com  April 9, 2015

What’s the new frontier in scientific denial?  Earthquake denial!  First, fossil fuels help change the atmosphere, now they’re causing earthquakes.  It’s official, this isn’t just some crackpot conspiracy theory designed to undermine the oil industry.  The USGS and loads of scientists confirm that the industry practice of injecting oil and gas wastewater deep underground is causing earthquakes.

Something must be up when Oklahoma now has more earthquakes than California.  Speaking of California, even though we have naturally-occurring earthquakes, the Golden State isn’t immune from the ravages of the oil and gas industry.  (Or the ravages of bumbling regulators, depending on which part of the story you pursue.)  Hundreds of oil wastewater disposal wells have pumped toxic filth into aquifers that had previously been fit for human consumption.  Oh yeah, and there’s some kind of drought thing going on, too.

And now that the oil industry in California has pumped their sludge into our precious aquifers, they are kindly offering to water our crops— at cost, no less.  Such a deal!  The confluence of man-made earthquakes and spoiled aquifers got me thinking about environmental apocalypse for some reason.  That’s how Three-eyed Billy was born.  Enjoy the cartoon and be sure to investigate some of the links behind the animation.

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