Mark Fiore: Little Green Man, Global Warming, and Exxon

Little Green Man is back!  This time, he and his earth-bound twin are discussing the latest news on the global warming front.  Hint:  it ain’t good.

To watch the video, click on the white lettering on blue that says, Watch on Vimeo.


A report was just released by that leftist denier organization, the World Bank, pointing out that another 100 million are on track to be driven to extreme poverty.  (Sad pun kinda’ intended.)  Oh, and mustn’t forget theover half a billion people who will become homeless with a four degree Celsius temperature hike.

One of the biggest stories in climate lately has been the revelation that Exxon scientists presented reports internally that warned of the catastrophic effects of fossil fuels as early as 1977!  Initially, the corporate oil behemoth understood how this could impact their future profits and was surprisingly public about their findings.  But then in the 1980s, Exxon changed tactics and began a massive misinformation campaign that led to the climate deniers of today.

Sadly, climate warnings and more dire predictions seem to be the norm as the world heads into the upcoming climate talks in Paris while here in the United States, Exxon Mobil is now more environmentally-conscious than the Republican presidential field.  Be sure to dive into the links behind the cartoon and ride your bike to work if you’re able!

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