(Videos) Paul Jay interviews Henry Giroux on Donald Trump, neofascism, and an independent people’s struggle

Trump doesn’’t speak about democracy. He’’s unapologetic about democracy. He doesn’’t need it. He doesn’’t want it. He doesn’’t think it works. On the other hand, you have the Democratic Party that hides what it does in the false language of democracy. But they both share something in common. They both share in a system that is as savage as it is brutal. That produces enormous inequities. That has ruined the social state and has basically celebrated and expanded the punishing state. I don’’t just talk about militarization. To me I’’m more concerned about a society that increasingly criminalizes and militarizes all aspects of foreign and domestic policy and they both share in that.  

Trump and the Fascistization of America (1/2)

Scholar Henry Giroux tells Paul Jay that Donald Trump is not an eccentric populist, but the representative of a neofascist politics that ignores evidence, believes truth is merely an opinion, and says dissent is unpatriotic.
July 19, 2016

Trump and the Enablers of American Authoritarianism (2/2)

Scholar Henry Giroux in conversation with Paul Jay says ‘lesser evilism’ is the wrong way to frame the elections – it’s about what’s better for the strategic interests of an independent people’s struggle.
July 20, 2016

Henry Giroux, Professor for Scholarship in the Public Interest at McMaster University and author. His latest book, ‘Disposable Futures: The Seduction of Violence in the Age of Spectacle’. He also has a forthcoming book titled, ‘America At War With Itself’.


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