Pluralism vs. Authoritarianism: Gar Alperovitz with Laura Flanders

I heard Gar Alperovitz speak at the Democracy Convention and was very both enlightened and heartened as he described the ways a new system of economic democratic governance, and equality is emerging.

 “No is not enough, says Naomi Klein, so if no isn’t sufficient, what might be? This week, ​Laura talks with author/activist Gar Alperovitz, co-chair of the Next System Project (a framework for imagining ‘the next system’ of governance, democracy, and security). From the gloom of today he sees the principles of a Pluralist Commonwealth emerging. Then a video from Local Futures, counts down the many changes that can come from investing locally. All that and a commentary from Laura on the Diggers and feeding while rebelling.”

The Laura Flanders Show The Laura Flanders Show

Published July 25, 2017


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