Media Owned By Warlords, Gov’t Owned By Big Money, Shock Doctrine

Lee Camp gives us a shortlist of major media networks who hire war profiteers to give us their take on foreign policy. Naomi Karavani explains why employees are able to steal workers’ wages and John F O’Donnell updates us on the privatization relief efforts in Puerto Rico.

Published on Feb 23, 2018

Rise Up Times addition: The chart below shows that the “myth of the liberal media” is just that. Look at what the Republicans/Conservatives control. The chart below that shows how interlocking corporations populate the boards of the controlling mainstream corporate media.


Trump’s crackdown on AT&T-Time Warner is infuriating big media — to the benefit of Amazon, Netflix and others  February 5, 2018


  1. The 1% must wake up and realise that their corporations only exist because of we the 99%; and, growing numbers are already boycotting them; this is how an apartheid regime was taken down;

    History will name and shame them; in peace

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