International Conference Against US/NATO Military Bases on November 16-18, 2018, in Dublin, Ireland, hosted by the Peace and Neutrality Alliance (PANA). Join the campaign at 

The Pentagon’s Strategy for World Domination: Full Spectrum Dominance, from Asia to Africa

Bruce K. Gagnon — The Pentagon has become the primary resource extraction service for corporate capital. Whether it is Caspian Sea oil and natural gas, rare earth minerals found in Africa, Libya’s oil deposits,… READ MORE »

“Appeasement” as Global Policy. Trump’s “Will to Power”. America’s Drive for World Domination

Prof. James Petras,Global Research, June 8, 2018 — The world is riven with class conflicts in Latin America, political conflicts between the Anglo-Americans and Russians, and economic conflicts between Washington against Europe and Asia……. READ MORE »

The Foundation For International Justice Is Anti-Imperialism

Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers,Popular Resistance,June 10, 2018 — US imperialism is aggressively working on almost every continent through militarism, regime change, corporate trade agreements, economic blockades and creating indebtedness. The destruction of Libya,… READ MORE »   
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