Winona LaDuke Calls for Indigenous-Led “Green New Deal” as She Fights Minnesota Pipeline Expansion

While world leaders converge in Poland for the U.N. climate change summit, we look at the indigenous-led fight against destructive oil pipelines and the revolutionary potential of the Green New Deal with Winona LaDuke, Ojibwe environmental leader and executive director of the group Honor the Earth. She lives and works on the White Earth Reservation in northern Minnesota.

Amy Goodman  Democracy Now!  December 7, 2018

You know, we could call it energy justice, or we could just call it the enlightened economy—you know, really where we need to go.    —Winona  LaDuke

Let’s lobby for LaDuke! (added by Rise Up Times)

Winona LaDuke has applied for a seat on the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission. Clearly she has extensive background on nuclear, oil and environmental issues plus a vision for “Green New Deal.”

Public Utilities commissioners are appointed by the governor. Contact the Walz-Flanagan office to urge the governor-elect to name LaDuke to the PUC.

And contact out-going Gov. Mark Dayton to name LaDuke to the post before he leaves office.


The Deadly Cost of Pipelines in Native Land: Winona LaDuke on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Excerpt: I’ve spent five years fighting Enbridge. But, to me, the answer is really in what is the infrastructure future of this country. You know, do we want pipes for people? You know, Flint, Michigan, does not have pipes. I have pipes that are sitting in piles in northern Minnesota that we do not want. I say, send them to Flint. What we need is a New Green Deal, where indigenous people are at the front of it, you know, in the middle of it, in determining the future. And that Green Deal will have infrastructure for people in it.
—Winona  LaDuke

Enbridge pipelines (2)Enbridge pipelines in North America, Not just in Minnesota!  Green are Other Pipelines that run throughout the US.

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