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Power Shift Shafts FCC; The Ax Falls; Big Tech Free No More; Rating the News; Zuck’s Cult; Protecting Journalists


Newly Empowered, Democrats Demand Ajit Pai Stop Withholding Documents

By Dell Cameron
February 4, 2019

House Democrats made clear that any avoidance or obfuscation would no longer stand. “Under your leadership, the FCC has failed repeatedly to act in the public interest and placed the interest of corporations over consumers,” their letter reads.

Digital Media’s Terrible, No Good Week

By Maxwell Tani
February 3, 2019
Daily Beast

The media industry lost at least 2,100 jobs last week. How grim is the future ahead?

Will New Congress Lay Down the Law On Tech?

By Hiawatha Bray
January 22, 2019
Boston Globe

For decades, Internet companies were sheltered by a bipartisan consensus: Regulate with a light touch, and see what happens. And now members of both parties are in a regulating frame of mind. Some lawmakers are calling for more aggressive antitrust enforcement against Big Tech.

Rating the News

By Will Oremus
January 25, 2019

In the era of fake news, a cottage industry of startups is competing to turn media credibility into a booming business. Do we really want that?

Inside Facebook’s ‘Cult-like’ Workplace

By Salvador Rodriguez
January 8, 2019

More than a dozen former Facebook employees detailed how the company’s leadership and its performance review system has created a culture where any dissent is discouraged.

Defending Journalists in an Era of ‘Destroyed Rights’

By Peter Pomeranzev
November 28, 2018

The vicious digital campaign to silence Filipino news site Rappler and its CEO Maria Ressa makes clear that it’s time for a new charter for human rights online.

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