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Women Against Military Madness (WAMM) Protest NPR and MPR coverage of Venezuela  (Facebook Link)

Take Action!  From the Anti-War Committee

***Call in this Week to Protest NPR and MPR coverage of Venezuela (cosponsored by WAMM and the Anti-War Committee)

Please contact Nancy Cassutt, Executive Director, News & Programming at Minnesota Public Radio, by email or by phone, 651-290-1500 about your objections to the articles that are beating the drums of war, coup and sanctions.

Suggested message:  

“My name is X. I call on MPR to correct your distorted coverage of Venezuela and the ongoing U.S.- orchestrated coup. People are dying due to the brutal economic war waged on the people and the country. U.S.-imposed sanctions designed to destroy Venezuela’s oil industry are also crippling Venezuela’s ability to obtain medicine, and to maintain agriculture and other infrastructure vital to survival. Your listeners depend on you for the truth. Tell the whole story.”


“I don’t know why we’re not at war with Venezuela. They have all that oil and they’re right on our back door.” – Donald Trump at an intelligence briefing in 2017, according to former FBI director Andrew McCabe 

“It will make a big difference to U.S. economically if we could have American oil companies invest and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela,” –†National Security Advisor John Bolton, January of 2019

Venezuela has the largest crude oil reserves in the world. But ever since the election of Hugo Chavez 20 years ago when the oligarchs were thrown out and the popular Bolivarian Revolution began to make life better, enabling 85% of the people to benefit from the country’s wealth, Venezuela has been in the crosshairs of the U.S. Western mainstream media, including MPR, have been complicit, serving as a mouthpiece for White House officials who have been trying to orchestrate a coup against Venezuela for the benefit of the U.S. oil industry.

According to a report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research, “economic sanctions implemented by the Trump administration since August 2017 have caused tens of thousands of deaths and are rapidly worsening a humanitarian crisis. The sanctions are depriving Venezuelans of lifesaving medicines, medical equipment, food, and other essential imports. This is illegal under U.S. and international law, and treaties that the U.S. has signed…”

It is a critical time for all peace and justice loving people to stand up to the systematic US aggression against Venezuela. MPR must be held to account for its part in beating the drums for regime change.#Hands off Venezuela. No Coup, No War, No Sanctions!  Keep the pressure on!  Initiated by WAMM and endorsed by theAnti-War Committee.



By Roger Harris  Orinoco Tribune  June 8, 2019

With the likes of John Bolton and Elliot Abrams directing US foreign policy, the US government has abandoned all pretense of “plausible denial” for its illegal regime-change initiatives. The “humanitarian” bombs may not be falling but, make no mistake, the US is waging a full-bore war against the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela.

CARICOM Reiterates Support For Peaceful Resolution In Venezuela

By Telesur English. As political and economic events unfold in various countries in the region, including Haiti, Venezuela, and Guyana, the 15-member group aims to de-escalate tensions. Caribbean Community (CARICOM) leaders concluded a two-day summit Tuesday in Basseterre, on the dual-island nation of St. Kitts and Nevis, where the member countries once again reiterated their support for a peaceful resolution in regards to Venezuela while rejecting interference. -more-  (Posted by Popular Resistance Daily Digest.)

Venezuelan opposition infiltrators burn the 'aid' trucks at the bridge Simon Bolivar bridge in Venezuela.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro orders reopening of border with Colombia closed after USAID tried to illegally enter with ‘humanitarian’ supplies.


Mexican police speaking to Central American migrants in Tapachula, state of Chiapas, Mexico, June 5, 2019.

U.S. economic bullying has cornered AMLO’s administration into engaging in heightened containment of Central American migrants.

A supporter of Venezuela's President Nicolas Maduro holds a sign reading 'Trump out from Latin America' in Caracas, Venezuela May 21, 2019.

By Arnold August  Telesur  May 26, 2019

Venezuela’s Bolivarian Revolution and Warmongering ‘Pacifists…

The “pacifism” dealt with here has nothing to do with Norway’s recent gesture to seek a peaceful solution.

Pro governement march in Nicaragua

By Tortilla con Sal  Telesur
May 21, 2019

Nicaragua in the Shadow of Western Fascism

Current US and EU foreign policy embodies fascism in terms of its aspect combining corporate power with State power and policy.

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