Latin America Update, June 21, 2019: Honduran Military Deployed, The King Report; Roger Harris, Danny Sjursen, John Pilger

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Telesur  June 20, 2019

Honduran police using suppression techniques to dispel students, teachers, and doctors protesting against the Honduran president's neoliberal policies.Honduran police using suppression techniques to dispel students, teachers, and doctors protesting against the Honduran president’s neoliberal policies. | Photo: EFE

President Juan Orlando Hernandez (JOH) announced orders to the Honduran military Thursday to deploy to all parts of the country to stamp down the ever-widening protests against the neoliberal policies of his administration. This follows an overnight emergency session with his National Defense and Security Council after a violent night of protests turned deadly.


Honduras: Night Protests Leave 2 Dead, 21 Injured in Tegucigalpa

Protests, which have been ongoing among different sectors of the nation for over a month, broke out into a frenzy Wednesday all over Tegucigalpa as well as other areas of the country when elite special police force units of the National Police, known as the Special Tiger Force, announced a strike, with some saying they would no longer “support a government that isn’t worth it” and calling out violations against their rights.

Ricardo Salgado: JOH continues to have the support of the US Southern Command

Telesur  June 20, 2019 The video that accompanies this article is in Spanish.

Members of the Special Forces of the National Police of Honduras have held a hunger strike since last Wednesday to demand better wages and working conditions, as well as denounce the violation of their right to voluntary retirement by the government of Juan Orlando Hernández. On this subject, the writer and political analyst Ricardo Salgado, considered that although the current government is increasingly isolated, continues to have support from the Southern Command of the United States and the military leadership of the country.

Honduras: an eyewitness report by Gala and Gary King

Published on Jun 18, 2019

Key American Allies in the Middle East Are the Real Tyrants

By Danny Sjursen  Tom Dispatch  May 30, 2019

American foreign policy can be so retro, not to mention absurd. Despite being bogged down in more military interventions than it can reasonably handle, the Trump team recently picked a new fight — in Latin America. That’s right! Uncle Sam kicked off a sequel to the Cold War with some of our southern neighbors, while resuscitating the boogeyman of socialism. In the process, National Security Advisor John Bolton treated us all to a new phrase, no less laughable than Bush the younger’s 2002 “axis of evil” (Iran, Iraq, and North Korea). He labeled Venezuela, Cuba, and Nicaragua a “troika of tyranny.”

Danny Sjursen will be a featured speaker at Peacestock on July 20, 2019 in Red Wing, MN.  Ann Wright is the other featured speaker.

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By Roger Harris  Orinoco Tribune  June 8, 2019

With the likes of John Bolton and Elliot Abrams directing US foreign policy, the US government has abandoned all pretense of “plausible denial” for its illegal regime-change initiatives. The “humanitarian” bombs may not be falling but, make no mistake, the US is waging a full-bore war against the Bolivarian Revolution in Venezuela.


John Pilger  May 8, 2019


In this interview with the Australian Broadcasting Commission, John Pilger discusses the issue of political and media disinformation that blights Julian Assange and Venezuela and whose source they – and much of the world – share as a common enemy.

Women Against Military Madness (WAMM) Protest NPR and MPR coverage of Venezuela  WAMM and the Anti-War Committee

Take Action!  From the Anti-War Committee

***Call in this Week to Protest NPR and MPR coverage of Venezuela (cosponsored by WAMM and the Anti-War Committee)

Please contact Nancy Cassutt, Executive Director, News & Programming at Minnesota Public Radio, by email or by phone, 651-290-1500 about your objections to the articles that are beating the drums of war, coup and sanctions.

Suggested message:
“My name is X. I call on MPR to correct your distorted coverage of Venezuela and the ongoing U.S.- orchestrated coup. People are dying due to the brutal economic war waged on the people and the country. U.S.-imposed sanctions designed to destroy Venezuela’s oil industry are also crippling Venezuela’s ability to obtain medicine, and to maintain agriculture and other infrastructure vital to survival. Your listeners depend on you for the truth. Tell the whole story.”

“I don’t know why we’re not at war with Venezuela. They have all that oil and they’re right on our back door.” – Donald Trump at an intelligence briefing in 2017, according to former FBI director Andrew McCabe

“It will make a big difference to U.S. economically if we could have American oil companies invest and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela,” –†National Security Advisor John Bolton, January of 2019

Venezuela has the largest crude oil reserves in the world. But ever since the election of Hugo Chavez 20 years ago when the oligarchs were thrown out and the popular Bolivarian Revolution began to make life better, enabling 85% of the people to benefit from the country’s wealth, Venezuela has been in the crosshairs of the U.S. Western mainstream media, including MPR, have been complicit, serving as a mouthpiece for White House officials who have been trying to orchestrate a coup against Venezuela for the benefit of the U.S. oil industry.

According to a report from the Center for Economic and Policy Research, “economic sanctions implemented by the Trump administration since August 2017 have caused tens of thousands of deaths and are rapidly worsening a humanitarian crisis. The sanctions are depriving Venezuelans of lifesaving medicines, medical equipment, food, and other essential imports. This is illegal under U.S. and international law, and treaties that the U.S. has signed…”

It is a critical time for all peace and justice loving people to stand up to the systematic US aggression against Venezuela. MPR must be held to account for its part in beating the drums for regime change.#Hands off Venezuela. No Coup, No War, No Sanctions!  Keep the pressure on!  Initiated by WAMM and endorsed by theAnti-War Committee.



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