Climate change, the Amazon rainforest, Minnesota and global warming

Glenn Greenwald on the Amazon fires and the fight for Brazil’s future  The Grayzone


The Amazon Is Burning, and the Entire Planet Is at Risk   Truthdig 

Brazil Rejects G-7’s Offer Of $22 Million To Fight Amazon Fires

  KCUR 89.3  AUG 27, 2019


Two of America’s fastest-warming counties are here in Minnesota  City Pages


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Scientists Definitively Debunk the Biggest Climate Change Lie   Truthdig



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Excerpt: “This wondrous planet, so full of mystery, is a paradise. All I want to do is give everything I have, my energy, my love, my labor — in gratitude for what we are given. ” —Christi Belcourt, Native American Artist, about her featured art at the recent Minneapolis Institute of Arts exhibit of Native American Women’s art, Hearts of Our People.

The featured image is by Christi Belcourt and was used by the MIA as the keystone image for the entire exhibit. The quote from Christi Belcourt accompanies the image in the exhibit.

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