REMEMBER, by Jeannie Piekos


The only lasting truth is Change. God is change.

—Octavia Butler


When the darkness comes
as it always does,
we open ourselves to the truth

because the lie no longer keeps us safe.
The soft, suffocating lie—that shadow
cast by those who succumbed to fear.

For the time being, we are spinning
and turning away from the light.
We are dizzy, vertiginous and tired.

Someone has lied to us.
And we are asked to tell the truth.
Someone has betrayed us.
And we are asked to forgive.

This revolution is hard. Harder than before.
We don’t want to do this work. It is easier
to sleep through the pain, easier to be numb.
Or to run away, like a tiger with its tail on fire.

But we are braver than that.

Soon the light of a new year will invite us forward.
To follow we will spiral ’round and ’round as we
transform old traumas that lie deep in our hearts.

Though we grieve, it is not for nothing.
We’ve come to accept on faith the stability
of spinning Earth. We’re learning
to commune with Change in reverence.

At our turning point we hear its question.
Ask yourself this, it urges, what happens when you
let loose the horrible grip that binds you to the past?

Might you yet awaken? Might you yet be free?

©Jeannie Piekos
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