Climate Crisis, the Environment and U.S. Militarism: Making the Connections

A talk on KFAI’s Northern Sun News by Sue Ann Martinson discusses environmental pollution and degradation caused by the military worldwide as well as nuclear war, the effects on climate change, and more, bringing it home from the Congo to the  Polymet and Twin Metals copper mines proposed in northern Minnesota.

Note that the Northern Sun News program starts about a minute in, as the beginning catches the end of the Amy Goodman’s Democracy Now! program for April 23, 2020.


Northern Sun News With Don Olson is a one-hour public affairs program on KFAI radio Tcovering a wide variety of topics. The emphasis is peace, ecology and social justice. In-studio guests and recorded speeches and occasional topical music.

A .pdf of the slide show and also of the works cited are  available by request by emailing

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