Regime Change and Climate Change: Connecting the Dots

Particular focus on the continuing threats of the U.S. imperialist regime change agenda regarding Venezuela and Iran, with a major objective of seizing control of the biggest (Venezuela) and 4th biggest (Iran) oil reserves in the world. If this imperialist goal is realized, militarized fossil capital will surely extract this oil thereby leading the world ever closer to climate catastrophe. This issue should be front and center on the agenda of the global climate justice movement.

Webinar Video  Popular Resistance  May 24, 2020


Margeret Flowers, co-director of Popular Resistance

Lorah Steichen, Institute for Policy Studies, co-author of “How Militarism Fuels The Climate Crisis And Vice Versa”,

Quincy Saul, writer, musician and co-founder of Ecosocialist Horizons,

David Schwartzman (climate/biogeochemistry scientist, co-author of The Earth is Not for Sale,

Popular Resistance

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