Tomgram: Mandy Smithberger, Ending the Pentagon’s Pandemic of Spending

The spread of Covid-19 has created one of the most significant crises of our time, but it’s also provided far greater clarity about just how misplaced the priorities of Washington have been all these years.

Photo: National Priorities Project

National (In)Security and the Pentagon Budget
A Post-Coronavirus Economy Can No Longer Afford to Put the Pentagon First

By Mandy Smithberger   Tom Dispatch  September 13, 2020

The inadequate response of both the federal and state governments to the Covid-19 pandemic has had a devastating impact on the United States, creating what could only be called a national security crisis. More than 190,000 Americans are dead, approximately half of them people of color. Yelp data show that more than 132,000 businesses have already closed and census data suggest that, thanks to lost wages, nearly 17% of Americans with children can’t afford to feed them enough food.

Click here to read Tom Engelhardt’s introduction and more of this dispatch about now COVID-19 money has been misdirected and misused.
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