The Issue Ignored by the Media: How the Military Affects our Climate & Democracy

In this episode of Know Your Stuff, we interview Nick Buxton, an activist and researcher at the Transnational Institute (TNI) about the role of the military in the climate crisis.

We talk about how the military sector impacts the environment, but also how the military sector itself prepares for a changed climate. We also discuss why climate movements do not focus on the role of the military in their activism and whether climate change can be addressed effectively without taking into account militarisation and wars. Finally we explore the connection between the military sector and our economic and political system and how it affects democracy.

Nick Buxton is an activist and researcher at the Transnational Institute (TNI), an international research organisation that supports social movements. He works actively on issues of border politics, climate change, militarism and economic justice and was co-editor of the book The Secure and the Dispossessed – How the military and corporations are seeking to shape a climate-changed world. He is founder and chief editor of TNI’s flagship annual publication, State of Power. (Born in the UK, he is currently based in Davis, California but has also lived for a number of years in Bolivia, Pakistan and India.) The Know Your Stuff is an educational program that promotes understanding and context on social concepts, historical events, and specialized topics that are not adequately addressed in the media landscape.


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