What is Ecology Democracy?


A Sustainable, Smaller Government – GDP VS GPI part 2/16

In this series we will compare the differences between the Gross Domestic Product and the Genuine Progress Indicator and why we believe Minnesota should begin using the GPI as its primary model for measuring economic strength. This is part 2 of 16 which focuses on how the GDP can never obtain ecological sustainability or decrease the amount of government oversight.

Politics The Midwest Way!

The Ecology Democracy Network was started by Ken Pentel in 2008 to create a new pro-active way of doing politics that will care for our collective home, Earth. The network is young, but growing quickly – take a look around to see what you think, and get involvedhttp://www.ecologydemocracynetwork.org/events.php

Ecology Democracy Network for more videos about the Ecology Democracy Network

Editor’s Note: If the manufacture of weapons were put into the GPI instead of the GDP, which demands constant growth, the whole picture of the overall economy and obscene plethora of weapons manufactured would be curtailed.


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