Resisting Drone Terror: Behind the Scenes of Shut Down Creech!

This fall will mark the 12th year CODEPINK, Veterans for Peace and allies have gathered at Creech Air Force Base for weeklong, nonviolent actions to resist the U.S. drone assassination program!

About Shut Down Creech!

Shut Down Creech! is a national mobilization of nonviolent resistance to shut down killer drone operations in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and everywhere.

People from all over the country attend Shut Down Creech twice per year to demonstrate against U.S. state-sponsored global terrorism. Today, we’ll hear from many activists about their experiences, as well as screen a short film on Shut Down Creech.

Hear from the faces of Shut Down Creech:

Dave Patterson, Veterans For Peace
Michael Kerr, Veterans For Peace
Ray Cage, Veterans For Peace
Shirley Tung, CODEPINK
Susan Witka, CODEPINK
Vera Anderson, NDE & CODEPINK
Featured Speakers: Ann Wright, Veterans for Peace & CODEPINK
Garett Reppenhagen, Executive Director Veterans for Peace
Toby Blome, CODEPINK,
Eleanor Levine, CODEPINK,
Maggie Huntington, CODPINK
There will be a Q&A following the program!

Music from this video: 

Song:  Folk Dance – Folk dance from Sind region 


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  1. Love this. Thank you for posting

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  2. […] Resisting Drone Terror: Behind the Scenes of Shut Down Creech! — Rise Up Times […]

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  3. I listened to the entire program and made notes on how to get connected with the Creechers and to support Daniel Hale. I see this was recorded just days before Hale’s sentencing. Could you please give an update on the sentencing?

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