76th Year Hiroshima/Nagasaki Commemoration Events, Minneapolis/St. Paul


Thursday, August 5th

Lyndale Park Peace Garden

Lake Harriet


6:00 p.m.     Commemorative Tea Ceremony

Yukimakai Tea Study Group

Friday, August 6th

Lyndale Park Peace Garden

Lake Harriet


7:30 a.m.      Ceremony of the Cranes

Strong Buffalo, Hiroshima runner

Sadako and the 1,000 Cranes

Bell-ringing by Veterans for Peace

 8:15 a.m.      Moment of Silence

Distribution of cranes Healing meditation

by Nancy Hyvarinen to follow

Sunday, August 8th

7:00 p.m.      Nagasaki Commemoration

Global Harmony Labyrinth

in Como Park

St. Paul

Greetings from Nagasaki and St. Paul City Hall

On That Summer Day Music by Barbara and Char Engen-Mangskau

A Bowl Full of Peace, reading and ceremony

Alys Ayumi Ogura, dancer

The Hiroshima Nagasaki Commemoration Committee offers these events to the community to encourage reflection on the past and hope for the future through action in the present. It calls for the total abolition of nuclear weapons throughout the world as one measure of ensuring a just and lasting peace.

Support from Veterans for Peace, Chapter 27, Women Against Military Madness (WAMM) and the Saint Paul – Nagasaki Sister City Committee.

Reflection on the Past. Action in the Present. Hope for the Future.

T I M E   O F   R E M E M B R A N C E

2 0 1 4

   2 0 2 1   

For further information:

www.stpaulnagasaki.org | MSPHNCC@gmail.com | 952.261.3891

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