Dangerous Military Actions in Asia and The Pacific, a panel moderated by Ann Wright

Ann Wright is joined by a knowledgeable group of panelists who highlight U.S. military activities on bases in and related to in Hawaii, Korea, Australia, Guam and China and more. . .

A panel from the Veterans for Peace National Convention 2021.

Bases in Hawaii


Ann Wright - CVN Speaker (1).png

Ann Wright (Moderator)

Retired U.S. Army Colonel, Former U.S. Diplomat, VFP Advisory Board Member

Christine Ahn - CVN Speaker (2) (1).png

Christine Ahn, Founder & Executive Director of Women Cross DMZ, Korea Peace Now

Dr. Kyle K - CVN Speaker (1).png

Dr. Kyle Kajihiro, Professor, University of Hawaii at Manoa & Founder, Hawaii DeTours Project

blank-profile-picture-973460_1280 (1).png

KJ Noh, South Korean Veteran, Peace Activist, Author & Scholar

Dr. Lisa N - CVN Speaker (1).png

Dr. Lisa Natividad, Professor of Social Work, University of Guam, Guahan Coalition for Peace and Justice

Dr. Vince - CVN Speaker (1).png

Dr. Vince Scappatura, Professor of Politics and International Relations, Macquarie University


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  1. America controls the Pacific, we need to maintain control of it. Otherwise China will gain control, not Japan, or Russia. Which means North Korea, (The DPRK) will have further reach as well.

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