Glenn Greenwald: What Are the Major Media Sources of Fake News and Disinformation?

By far the greatest amount of disinformation and Fake News comes not from QAnon, FB or random YouTubers, but the largest media corporations. He’s a segment on MSNBC where @JoeNBC and @clairecmc spent 2 minutes straight telling one outright lie after the next on the Assange case:

Glenn Greenwald    
Rise Up Editor’s Comment: Claire’s last comment is about the last time they talked about accountability it was about Trump, implying a connection of “guilt.” Comparing Assange to Trump is ludicrous. Assange understands that for a democracy to function truth is necessary and has told the truth. Trump has 30,573 false or misleading claims on record in 4 years.

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Truth is not fake news.
Justice is not fake news.

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