The Pipeline Blues, shared for all to sing by The Stringbeans


Roger Cuthbertson and Jo Schubert have written out the notes for those who want to sing with an instrument, or even without! They wish to share with everyone. For any pipeline issue, Line 3 or others, they freely grant permission to use. The music is included below the typed version of the words. Spread far and wide. Sing often.

Every Monday from 3:30 to 4:30 members of Women Against Military Madness and Veterans for Peace Chapter 27 and other groups supporting the Line 3 Resistance hold banners and signs at the Minnesota Governor’s mansion with others.

At the Minnesota Governor’s Mansion (Governor Walz) in St. Paul MN. Shut down Line 3. 

Typed words below.

PIPELINE BLUES (key of A or G – play D or C harp cross)
by Roger Cuthbertson with Jo Schubert (Garbanzo and Chickpea of The Stringbeans)

Standin’ on the corner, Singin’ the pipeline blues (2x)
Trying to stop that pipeline, Whatta we got to lose?

Gotta stop Line Three, Stop dirty tar sands oil (2x)
For the sake of the planet, Leave the oil in the soil.
Repeat Chorus

I don’t like Line Three, that oil won’t be used by me (2x)
Gotta’ save our water, while it’s still pure and free.
Repeat Chorus

They’re tearing up our land, polluting our rivers and streams (2x)
Cops are shooting rubber bullets, and brutalizing human beings.
Repeat Chorus


Truth is not fake news.
Justice is not fake news.

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