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New Posts for January 19, 2022

We must speak. We must speak with all the humility
that is appropriate to our limited vision
but we must speak.

                                    Martin Luther King


Due to illness and the holidays, it has been some time since a Rise Up Times summary was posted. Current posts are always available on Riseuptimes.org and on the Rise Up Times Facebook page. A lot of good reading is available in the posts below from many good writers, and some fun posts too. Belated holiday wishes. Join in Henry Giroux’s embrace of radical Hope in the New Year.
Sue Ann Martinson

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Making the Connections:
Militarism, Climate Chaos, and the Environment

Graphic: Extinction Rebellion
Saturday, February 5, 2022
1:00 pm to 2:3O pm CST
Noon EST    11:00 am PST
A WAMM Zoom program, with Sue Ann Martinson
Discussion follows
Endless war and militarism cannot continue and leave a livable planet.Colonial extractions of resources are the root of the climate crisis.Including: Effects of neoliberal capitalism, U.S. empire, and militarization: U.S. Military Bases worldwide, Climate Chaos and Colonization—U.S. occupation of/war with indigenous and sovereign lands, Fossil Fuels, Water Pollution, Nuclear War, Agent Orange and Burn Pits, Superfund Sites, and more.Sue Ann Martinson is a long-time member of WAMM. In 2018 she created and presented a slideshow on Militarism and Climate Change. This new slideshow is updated with new information. Sue Ann is the editor of Rise Up Times, Media for Justice and Peace (Riseuptimes.org).Registration Link: https://tinyurl.com/2p8ats36Sponsored by WAMM’s End Military Madness Against the Earth working group (EMMAE) and co-sponsored by Veterans for Peace Chapter 27.For more information: 612-827-5364 or general@wamm.me

Source:: https://www.facebook.com/events/272994548156123?acontext=%7B%22event_action_history%22%3A[%7B%22surface%22%3A%22page%22%7D]%7D

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A Note From Rise Up Times

Global and local peace and justice for all. 

Be engaged in activism
As COVID restrictions still limit participation in many “live” events we are gathering as we can and we are still on the web/social media with webinars, Zooms, and action announcements and emails, writing online comments and signing petitions, in car caravans, holding the courts accountable with online comments, virtual engagement with legislators, and over a virtual or real cup of coffee or a virtual or real neighborhood conversation, everywhere. And in touch by phone. Many of us are on the streets protesting war, racism, inaction on the climate crisis, attacks on the Palestinian people, and demanding police accountability and criminal justice reform and other worthy causes.


For over ten years Rise Up Times has spoken, bringing you articles of substance about issues of substance.

Rise Up Times draws items to post from the many amazing non-mainstream news outlets online that publish work by activists who speak their thoughts and ideas, sometimes through action on the streets, sometimes as academic activists who share their understanding and knowledge, or as journalists who discuss and analyze current significant and sometimes momentous events. All speak with conviction.

Rise Up Times publishes thoughtful analyses of those issues that affect our lives daily and serve as a basis for action. A gift of $25 will make it possible to continue to bring you active writings of stories, actions, events, and analysis.

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“Power is global and politics is local. That must change. We need a new language for understanding new global power formations as well as new international modes of politics to fight them. Social movements must move outside of national boundaries and join with others across the globe to fight the savagery of neoliberal global politics and central to such a task is the work of intellectuals, artists, cultural workers, and others who can fashion new tools and social movements in the fight against the current anti-democratic threats being imposed all over the globe.”
                                                                    —Henry A. Giroux

The ‘apocalyptic’ chess game between the superpowers that is, between those that move on the highest plane of our civilization, is being played according to the rule ‘if either “wins” it is the end of both’; it is a game that bears no resemblance to whatever war games preceded it. Its ‘rational’ goal is deterrence, not victory, and the arms race, no longer a preparation for war, can now be justified only on the grounds that more and more deterrence is the best guarantee of peace. To the question how shall we ever be able to extricate ourselves from the obvious insanity of this position there is no answer.”
— Hannah Arendt in On Violence
NUCLEAR WEAPONS ARE NOW ILLEGAL!  The U.S. needs to join other countries worldwide in banning nuclear weapons.

WHY ACT NOW? Support the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons and sign the Parliamentary (Legislative) Pledge. Click the WAMM link above for more information.

Would you like to help spread awareness and action about nuclear weapons? Information and action steps are available FREE in the form of two-sided cards on cardstock.

  • Call 612-827-5364 to schedule a pick up at the WAMM office, 4200 Cedar Ave. S., Suite 3, Minneapolis. 55407
  • Packages of 50 can be sent to you via USPS for a $10 donation.
See also ICAN.org 


“Resistance is no longer an option, it is now a matter of life or death. The lights are going out on democracy across the globe and the time to wake up from this nightmare is now.”
  — Henry A. Giroux


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