Making the Connections: Militarism, Climate Chaos, and the Environment

Endless war and militarism cannot continue
and leave a livable planet.   

Photo: Yes! Magazine

Colonial extractions of resources are the root
of the climate crisis.

Graphic: Extinction Rebellion

Including: Effects of neoliberal capitalism, U.S. empire, and militarization: U.S. Military Bases worldwide, Climate Chaos and Colonization—U.S. occupation of/war with indigenous and sovereign lands, Fossil Fuels, Water Pollution, Nuclear War, Agent Orange and Burn Pits, Superfund Sites, and more.

with Sue Ann Martinson
Discussion follows

Sue Ann Martinson is a long-time member of WAMM. In 2018 she created and presented a slideshow on Militarism and Climate Change. This new slideshow is updated with new information. Sue Ann is the editor of Rise Up Times, Media for Justice and Peace (

Also live-streamed on the Women Against Military Madness Facebook page.

Sponsored by WAMM’s End Military Madness Against the Earth working group (EMMAE) and co-sponsored by Veterans for Peace Chapter 27. Co-hosts ClimateJusticeMN, and the Anti-War Committee.

Rise Up Times Featured image by Ricardo Levins Morales,

Link to .pdf of full slideshow;  :

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