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Why local journalism must be considered infrastructure

“A future without local journalism is as dire as a society without roads and bridges.”

Sabry WazWaz, Dispatches From Occupied Palestine

What’s really happening in Israel/Palestine. A first-hand report.

▶ Jeff Nygaard talks about the media, Peacestock 2014

Since September of 1998 JEFF NYGAARD has published his own free newsletter on media, politics, and culture called “Nygaard Notes: Independent Periodic News and Analysis.” His work has appeared in the Star Tribune, Z Magazine, Counterpunch, Access Press, and various other publications. Jeff Nygaard Peacestock 2014 from Bill Sorem PRO   Subscribe or “Follow” us on Rise Up […]

Glenn Greenwald> US drone strikes target rescuers in Pakistan – and the west stays silent

US drone strikes target rescuers in Pakistan – and the west stays silent Attacking rescuers – a tactic long deemed by the US a hallmark of terrorism – is now routinely used by the Obama administration By Glenn Greenwald  Monday 20 August 2012 10.33 EDT,  Glenn Greenwald now writes for The Guardian A US air force pilot […]

Stephan Salisbury> Police Shootings Echo Nationwide> Aurora Gets the Attention, But Guns Are Going Off Everywhere

Police Shootings Echo Nationwide  Aurora Gets the Attention, But Guns Are Going Off Everywhere  By Stephan Salisbury Posted by Stephan Salisbury at 5:31PM, July 29, 2012.  TomDispatch Welcome to the abattoir — a nation where a man can walk into a store and buy an assault rifle, a shotgun, a couple of Glocks; where in the comfort […]

Groups That Battled SOPA Reunite to Defend Internet

Groups That Battled SOPA Reunite to Defend Internet By Juliana Gruenwald   July 19, 2012 | 2:21 PM    National Journal Click here> What’s Wrong with the media? Many of the same groups and lawmakers that banded together to help derail earlier this year two anti-piracy bills have reunited to formally launch Thursday a new coalition to help fight future […]

Josh Stearns> Citizens Get Conflicting Messages About Their Right to Record

Citizens Get Conflicting Messages About Their Right to Record by Josh Stearns, May 29, 2012       MediaShift This month, federal agencies and local officials sent two powerful but conflicting messages to the American public about our right to record. On May 14, the Justice Department submitted a letter to the Baltimore Police Department providing in-depth guidance on […]

Five Facts That Put America to Shame

“Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…I lift my lamp beside the golden door!” These words, from poet Emma Lazarus, were inscribed on the Statue of Liberty over 100 years ago. Today the golden door has a lock on it, paid for with record profits from the health care, education, and financial industries. […]

Star Tribune Editorial: Challenge Iran with diplomacy, isolation & Action & Call-in Day, January 18

Editorial: Challenge Iran with diplomacy, isolation Note for Twin Citians:  Come to the Lake Street/Marshall Avenue Bridge Vigil this Wednesday, January 18, to say “No New Wars.”  4:30-5;30. We also urge you to take some time on Wednesday, January 18, to send a message to our two senators, Amy Klobuchar (612-727-5220) and Al Franken (651-221-1016) telling them […]

Polly Mann> Synchronized News, Limited Views

Synchronized News, Limited Views By Polly Mann  WAMM Newsletter They remind me of the little football figures lined up on the pinball machines––the individual companies that make up the corporate media––identical characters with synchronized movements. That’s the way they’re constructed. The lead article in the October issue of Extra!, the monthly magazine of Fairness and […]

Video> The Star Tribune> a cog in the military industrial media complex.

Uploaded by WAMMMall on Oct 10, 2011 While “Billionaires” celebrate the Minneapolis’ Star Tribune’s coverage, Women Against Military Madness protest their poor coverage of the military and the wars. Check out and our blog at for more info. Join us! WAMMToday is now on Facebook! Check the WAMMToday page for posts from this blog and more! […]

Minneapolis Message to Obama Was Clear: Bring the War $$ Home, by Coleen Rowley

Minneapolis Message to Obama Was Clear: Bring the War $$ Home Posted: 9/1/11 01:02 PM ET by WAMM Board Member Coleen Rowley         HuffingtonPost As usual, most of the mainstream media did not do a very good job reporting on Obama’s August 30speech in Minneapolis nor on the protest outside the National Convention […]

War policies fire up Obama protesters |

War policies fire up Obama protesters Article by: RANDY FURST , Star Tribune Updated: August 30, 2011 – 9:51 PM Many of the 200 outside president’s speech say they once supported him but now are disillusioned by events. President Obama was greeted at the Minneapolis Convention Center on Tuesday by about 200 mostly war protesters […]

Coulda, woulda, shoulda coverage of antiwar protests

Coulda, woulda, shoulda coverage of antiwar protests COMMENTARY | July 25, 2011   Nieman Watchdog Looking back, the Washington Post editor in charge of covering demonstrations says newsworthy stories have been left uncovered. He needn’t feel lonely; The Post has lots of company in ignoring stories of dissent. The New York Times,  for one, has its […]

‪WAMM Video Featured: Anger Over Failure To Tax Rich‬‏ Fairly

Anger Over Failure To Tax Rich Fairly Uploaded by UpTakeVideo on Jul 16, 2011  Posted on BY MICHAEL MCINTEE, THE UPTAKE July 17, 2011 A street theater troupe pretending to be “Billionaires” elicited the reaction they wanted from a lunch crowd in downtown Minneapolis: anger at Minnesota politicians’ refusal to tax rich people at the […]

Democracy Now! Julian Assange and Slavoj Zizek interviewed by Amy Goodman

Not to be missed! Today Amy Goodman in London interviewed Julian Assange along with Slovanian philosopher and cultural specialist Slavoj Zizek, author of Living in the End Times. This interview covers many areas, including current politics and foreign policy, the media, secrecy in government and so much more. Due to technical limitations, WAMMToday is unable […]

Chris Hedges | The Death of Journalism

Reader Supported News | 27 June 11 AM It’s Live on the HomePage Now: Reader Supported News

5 WikiLeaks Hits of 2011 That Are Turning the World on Its Head — And That the Media Are Ignoring

5 WikiLeaks Hits of 2011 That Are Turning the World on Its Head — And That the Media Are Ignoring June 7, 2011  |     By Rania Khalek Is 2011 capable of exceeding 2010’s revelations? And what discoveries in 2011 has WikiLeaks unearthed thus far? Between Collateral Murder, the Iraq War Logs, the Afghan War Diary, and Cablegate, it appeared as […]

Tearing Off the Masks of Those Who Hide behind Women’s Skirts: Malalai Joya

Tearing Off the Maks of Those Who Hide behind Women’s Skirts: Malalai Joya by Mary Beaudoin From the May issue of the WAMM Newsletter.  Used with permission. From the sky, Occupation forces are bombing, killing civilians—mostly women and children. On the ground, Taliban and warlords together continue their fascism. If the U.S. and NATO left my […]

Censored . . . or why TV news is becoming irrelevant

Interviews at Peavey Plaza in Minneapolis of Twin City citizens who talk about the state of the media and how they get their news.