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▶ Sunday Song: “Some People Do What Must Be Done,” Pat Wictor, Joe Jencks, and Greg Greenway:

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Werner de Gruijter, Truthout: The Zombification of the West

On the need for inner tranquility in order to avoid authoritarianism  By Werner de Gruijter, Truthout | Opinion  15 March 2014 (Photo: Anne Roberts / Flickr) The preamble of the US Constitution contains this prodigious message: “We the people of the United States, in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for […]

Americans Who Tell the Truth: Robert Jensen

Robert Jensen Professor, Author: b. 1958 “This is the simple discovery which we must confront. We were given a place in the creation, with a beauty beyond telling, and we have failed to care for it. And as our collective contempt for the non-human world has intensified, so has our contempt for each other. We have […]

▶ Democracy Now! We Shall Overcome: Remembering Folk Icon, Activist Pete Seeger in His Own Words Parts 1, 2, 3

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  democracynow Subscribe or “Follow” us on Rise Up Times is also on Facebook! Check the Rise Up Times page for posts from this blog and more! “Like” our page today. Find us on TWITTER at Rise Up Times(@touchpeace). Rise Up Times is also on  Pinterest, Google+ and Tumblr. Related on Democracy Now! Pete Seeger: Troubadour […]

Margaret Sarfehjooy> The Business of Islamophobia

The Business of Islamophobia A positive view of Muslims would hinder the multibillion dollar Islamophobia industry that promotes fear as part of the U.S. “War on Terror.” By Margaret Sarfehjooy  WAMM Newsletter  March/April 2013 Part I: The Attack on CAIR-MN With offices in the U.S. and Canada, the Council of American Islamic Relations (CAIR) […]

Idle No More Oklahoma> I can’t believe . . .

I CAN’T BELIEVE…… Idle No More Oklahoma rallies at the state capitol to protect the water and environment of the area. Crystal Zevon who sent around the above video, and has been with indigenous people’s recently at Tar Sands protests as she tours the country, writes: I believe the theme emerging from my travels is that […]

Video> Steve Clemens Speech Accepting the 2012 Vince Hawkinson Honorary Award

Published on Oct 15, 2012 by mennonista1 the text is at my blog:

All My Relations Gallery> DED UŋK’UŋPI—WE ARE HERE through September 28

DED UŋK’UŋPI—WE ARE HERE 2012 marks the 150th anniversary of the largest mass execution in the history of the United States. On December 26th, 1862, 38 Dakota warriors were sentenced to be hung as a result of the U.S./Dakota wars.  This timely and important exhibit features works by 20 Native American artists whose work responds […]

Ending Moral Exclusions

Posted by David Culver Tom Niemisto, Minnesota 2020 Conservative policy justifies disinvesting in public services and health care by using a moral exclusion argument—i.e. people who depend on these services must be deserving in some moral way to qualify for them. Minnesota native Marisa Egerstrom, who is pursuing a Ph.D. at Harvard University in early […]

David Harris> Experience and Reflections in Hennepin County Jail> June 26-28, 2012

Experience and Reflections in Hennepin County Jail June 26-28, 2012 By David Harris Editor’s Note: David was arrested at Alliant Tech Systems—a manufacturer of weapons of mass destruction—before they moved their corporate headquarters from Eden Prairie MN to Arlington VA to be closer to Washington DC. David is part of the Alliant Action, a group […]

An artist remembered> Art by Dorothy Sauber

Dorothy Sauber Dorothy’s artistic medium was pictorial hooked rugs. She created images of women and of family around women’s and progressive issues, often drawing on her rural background. Dorothy died in 2008 of cancer. Her sons gathered her essays and published them in a book Cancer Essays: Not the Book I Intended to Write.  A more extensive biography […]

Compassion – Where Has It Gone?

Of course the right wing wants us all to believe they are compassionate people and are crusading for the welfare of all. This ruse should be over by now, but too many people (voters) do not see it for what it truly is. The Democrats have always talked about compassion but it appears now to […]

Reflections on Coldwater

Reflections on Coldwater Written after the final Minnehaha Creek Watershed District (MCWD) meeting regarding the determination of Wetland A at Coldwater Springs. Development is not necessarily improvement: that attitude is a 19th century/20th century intellectual construct. We are now in the 21st century, and a new construct that recognizes that development may be a curse […]

▶ War/No More Trouble | Playing for Change | Song Around The World

Uploaded by PlayingForChange on Apr 23, 2009 – As we made our way around the world we encountered love, hate, rich and poor, black and white, and many different religious groups and ideologies. It became very clear that as a human race we need to transcend from the darkness to the light and music is our weapon of […]

Video> Democracy Now!> Scott Olsen, U.S. Vet Who Nearly Lost Life at Occupy Protest, Brings Antiwar Message to NATO Summit

Published on May 21, 2012 by democracynow – We’re joined at the NATO summit in Chicago by Scott Olsen, who survived two tours in Iraq but almost died when he was hit with a police projectile at an Occupy Oakland protest last year. Olsen returned four of his medals at Sunday’s antiwar march. When asked why he’s […]

William Rivers Pitt> The Weight

The Weight By William Rivers Pitt    25 April 2012     Truthout | Op-Ed (Photo: _Pek_) I pulled into Nazareth, Feelin’ ’bout half-past dead, Just need to find a place, Where I can lay my head. “Mister, can you tell me Where a man might find a bed?” He just grinned and shook my hand, […]

William Rivers Pitt> It Is Enough> An Open Letter to the Sick at Heart

It Is Enough: An Open Letter to the Sick at Heart By William Rivers Pitt    Wednesday, 09 May 2012 09:19 Truthout | Op-Ed (Image: Jared Rodriguez / Truthout) Stop me if you’ve heard this one before. A holy man stands before his flock and says, “Dads, the second you see your son dropping the limp wrist, […]

Alexis Goldstein> Leaving Wall Street

Leaving Wall Street By Alexis Goldstein    Saturday, 05 May 2012 09:50, | Op-Ed   truthout (Photo: -sel / Flickr) When some people think about Wall Street, they conjure up images of traders shouting on the stock exchange, of bankers dining at five star restaurants, of CEOs whispering in the ears of captured Congress members. When I think about […]

Nonviolence: The Only Road to Freedom

Creating a world where men and women can live together will be done by persons who have the courage to put an end to suffering by willingly suffering themselves rather than inflict suffering upon others. It will be done by rejecting the racism, materialism and violence that has characterized Western civilization and especially by working […]

The Imperative of Revolutionary Nonviolence

Nonviolence is not only realistic, it is our only hope if we are to survive with dignity on this planet. As Martin Luther King said, “The issue is no longer between violence or nonviolence, but between nonviolence or nonexistence.” How Swedes and Norwegians broke the power of the ‘1 percent’ Brian W. Willson Submitted by […]