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Violent Political Rhetoric Can Feed Political Violence, by Ed Kilgore

… if political rhetoric in this country continues on its current trajectory, people are going to start getting killed, and then inevitably, the violence will escalate.

David Swanson Discusses “Curing American Exceptionalism”

Curing Exceptionalism: What’s wrong with how we think about the United States? What can we do about it? 

Playing The Un-American Card: America’s Real Race Card

Race and citizenship defined by white men

No Compromise on Bigotry


Flowers and Zeese | The Movement Matters Most

While some people are calling 2016 the worst political year ever, we are optimistic that the movement is on track for transformational change.

How to Attempt Racial Healing—Even During a Trump Presidency

America’s past truth and reconciliation processes show us what works.

Turn Widespread Discontent Into Mass Movement

What should the movement be doing in the era of Trump?

Chris Hedges: The Revenge of the Lower Classes and the Rise of American Fascism

In fascism the politically disempowered and disengaged, ignored and reviled by the establishment, discover a voice and a sense of empowerment.

Jay Janson: Merciless US NATO UN Genocide In Somalia

Merciless US NATO UN Genocide In Somalia Brought Nairobi Shopping Mall Blowback! Each scull belonged to someone precious to family and friends. Photo by Erik Orakel (via OpEdNews) Folks, Took me many days to run back over all this monstrous genocide; all the while in mind the hundreds of thousands of beautiful Somali children their eyes staring straight […]

Michael Payne> The Dark Side of America Emerges From the Shadows, Rears its Ugly Head

The Dark Side of America Emerges From the Shadows, Rears its Ugly Head  By michael payne (about the author)    April 25, 2012     opednews.com Dark by codenamezapper.deviantart.com There is an unsettling element of our society that’s always been present. However, it’s one that’s kept its true nature and intentions partially hidden under the guise of seeming […]

Glenn Greenwald> Tongue-cutting at Al Jazeera

Tongue-cutting at Al Jazeera BY GLENN GREENWALD   March 31, 2012   Salon.com John Podhoretz  (updated below [Sun.]) I’m currently conducting interviews as a follow-up to the rather acrimonious debate that erupted this week from my argument that “terrorism expertise” is not an actual discipline, but rather (like the term “terrorism” itself) just another instrument for legitimizing the violence […]