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Chelsea Manning: We Need to Stop This ‘Death Machine of Power’

All these systems are overlapping, and they’re suffocating people, deliberately and methodically, over decades. And this has been a continuing—you know, like people have been building this whirling death machine of power for decades now.

Chelsea Manning is Courage’s newest beneficiary

Snowden: “Chelsea Manning is the first American to be sentenced to decades of prison for revealing truthful information to the press. Her conviction — under a law even the ACLU says violates the constitution — is not just an injustice, it’s a threat to journalism.” Courage Foundation May 27, 2016 Six years ago today, WikiLeaks whistleblower […]

Chelsea Manning Appeals “Unprecedented” Conviction

In the 209-page legal brief made public on Thursday, lawyers for Manning questioned the testimony of military officials at her trial, arguing that their claims of harm were “speculative” and “provided no indication” of actual harm, which they said had a “highly prejudicial” effect on the trial.

Chelsea Manning: We’re citizens, not subjects. We have the right to criticize government without fear

Manning: After 9/11, a dedicated office of lawyers specializing in novel applications of law for national security issues, the National Security Division (NSD), was created and now, with a small caseload and an enormous amount of resources, this division of the Department of Justice has been waging a quiet war against the media, their sources and the right to free speech and a free press, using the growing national security and surveillance apparatus to prosecute various cases and, occasionally, target the media.

▶ Defending Democracy: Government Whistleblowing in the Digital Age, the Manning Trial Appeal

Published on Apr 16, 2014 WikiLeaks whistleblower Chelsea Manning’s new legal defense council is preparing for an appeals process that may go up to the Supreme Court. On Sunday, April 13th at 7:30pm, defense council Nancy Hollander and Vincent Ward will be joined by prominent FBI whistleblower Mike German and NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake to discuss […]

▶ An interview with Alexa O’Brien re Manning, WikiLeaks, and the U.S. government

Photo typischich.at An interview with Alexa O’Brien, who documented and researched, as an independent journalist, the entire Bradley (Chelsea) Manning trial and its wider context of a US inter-agency prosecution of WikiLeaks. Metahaven 2013. Produced in collaboration with Bureau Europa.  Editor’s Comment:  This video, recorded August 21, 2013, is full of information about the trial […]

Evergreene Digest: Why Do We Fear the Truth?

The most important impediment to understanding and resolving any problem or conflict is our fear of knowing the truth. We spend a lot of our time trying to deal with problems and conflicts by deluding ourself about the cause and/or the solution necessary. “We would rather be ruined than changed. We would rather die in our dread than […]

[Video Panel] Glenn Greenwald: The war on whistleblowers and journalism – Julian Assange, David Coombs, Alexa O’Brien and others

Discussing press freedoms with Julian Assange, David Coombs, Alexa O’Brien and others.   Glenn Greenwald  Thursday 19 September 2013 06.49 EDT  theguardian.com I’m working on several stories, so posting this week will be difficult. Until then, below is the video of the 90-minute event I did this week at the Sydney Opera House on the […]

Norman Solomon: What The Assault On Whistleblowers Has to Do With War on Syria

To stop attack on Syria, we must support whistleblowers. By Norman Solomon  August 28, 2013  opednews.com  Source: AlterNet  Without whistleblowers, the mainline media outlets are more transfixed than ever with telling the official story. And at a time like this, the official story is all about spinning for war on Syria. Every president who wants to launch […]

Peter Kennard: Poem for Bradley Manning & Art belongs in the Street, The Festival of Dangerous Ideas

Peter Kennard is a well known British visual artist. This is a poem by him, on United States whistleblower Bradley Manning: Private First Class by Peter Kennard Claw over the parapet Voice raised Is voice gagged. The world as in fact it is, Isn’t. In a Democracy of liars Is a lock-up for facts. Three blows of a whistle: […]

Birgitta Jónsdóttir> Bradley Manning’s Sentence: 35 Years for Exposing Us to the Truth | Common Dreams

This was never a fair trial – Obama declared Manning’s guilt in advance. But Manning’s punishment is an affront to democracy. by Birgitta Jónsdóttir  August 21, 2013  The Guardian As of today, Wednesday 21 August 2013, Bradley Manning has served 1,182 days in prison. He should be released with a sentence of time served. Instead, the judge in his […]

Popular Resistance Newsletter – Ironies Push Resistance Forward

By Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers August 22, 2013  www.popularresistance.org The extremely harsh sentencing of Manning brought to mind many ironies and had us looking at other ironies around us this week. Some are maddening, some are sad and some are useful tools for activists, but they all have the effect of pushing our work forward. […]

Global Progressive Community Reacts to Manning Sentence

35 year sentence proves US will ‘aggressively prosecute those who expose war crimes, and diligently protect those who commit them.’  Jon Queally, staff writer  Published on Wednesday, August 21, 2013 by Common Dreams Pfc. Bradley Manning was sentenced to 35 years in prison. (Photo: BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images ) Announcement of Pfc. Bradley Manning’s 35 year prison […]

Truthdigger of the Week: Laura Poitras

Poitras is the reporter who along with Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald began breaking stories of bulk domestic and international NSA surveillance at the beginning of the summer. By Alexander Reed Kelly  Aug 18, 2013  truthdig.com Every week the Truthdig editorial staff selects a Truthdigger of the Week, a group or person worthy of recognition for speaking truth to power, breaking […]

Evergreen Digest: The Trials of Bradley Manning

It is Bradley Manning we have put on trial, not the impresarios of war, not the CIA torturers or their lawyers. The Iraq War, which began with a lurid overture of secrecy and lies, is now getting its dissonant coda: a private court-martialed for telling the truth, a trial unfolding behind a thick wall of […]

[Video] William Blum: The U.S. and World Domination

William Blum, Peacestock 2013 from Bill Sorem Mr. Blum is perhaps the foremost documentarian of U.S. foreign policy ‘mishaps’ in the world. Leaving the State Department in 1967 over his opposition to the Vietnam war, Blum commenced researching and writing a series of ongoing critiques of America’s interventions throughout the world since WWII. In 1999, […]

Peter Van Buren> Welcome to Post-Constitution America

The war on whistleblowers is metastasizing into a war on the First Amendment. People may now be convicted based on secret testimony by unnamed persons. Military courts and jails can replace civilian ones. Justice can be twisted and tangled into an almost unrecognizable form and then used to send a young man to prison for decades. Claiming its actions […]

Statements on Bradley Manning Verdict: ACLU and CRR

Center for Constitutional Rights Statement on Bradley Manning Verdict July 30, 2013  CRRjustice.org Dear CCR Supporter:CCR released the following statement today in response to the verdict in the Bradley Manning trial: “While the ‘aiding the enemy’ charges (on which Manning was rightly acquitted) received the most attention from the mainstream media, the Espionage Act itself […]

(Video) Daniel Ellsberg> I was Bradley Manning. Two whistleblowers, two wars, one important truth.

  punksterdaddy 3 days ago I really hope that the right thing that should be done, finally is done here? In releasing this man Bradley Manning and stop this media blackout! It’s disgusting! This situation is a fine example of how the governments of the western world, not just the U.S. are all about the controlling […]

(Video) Cornel West: Obama’s Response to Trayvon Martin Case Belies Failure to Challenge “New Jim Crow”

 democracynow Published on Jul 22, 2013 http://www.democracynow.org – For a response to President Obama’s comments on the acquittal of George Zimmerman and racism in the United States, we’re joined by Dr. Cornel West, professor at Union Theological Seminary and author of numerous books. On Obama’s remarks comparing himself to Trayvon Martin, West says: “Will that identification hide […]