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The Messy Truth About Carbon Footprints

“So by all means, skip that next beef burger, or take a pass on that cheap flight to Cancún. But then ask yourself how you can magnify the impact of what you do.”

Why Antonio Gramsci is the Marxist Thinker for our Times, by George Eaton

The late Italian philosopher’s concept of hegemony was startlingly prescient.

Chris Hedges | The Feuding Kleptocrats

When we are not being amused by these debates among corporate lackeys we listen to retired generals, all making six-figure incomes from the weapons industry, selling the public on the imperative of endless war and endless arms purchases.

WikiLeaks Exposes Text from Secretly Negotiated TISA Trade Deal

The whistleblowing website went on to note that the proposals and language contained in the text promotes what it described as “the corporatization of public services.”

Chris Hedges | Welcome to 1984

The artifice of corporate totalitarianism has been exposed. The citizens, disgusted by the lies and manipulation, have turned on the political establishment. But the game is not over. Corporate power has within its arsenal potent forms of control. It will use them. As the pretense of democracy is unmasked, the naked fist of state repression […]

World Beyond War: “A Global Security System: An Alternative to War” – Now available in multiple formats

“You say you’re against war, but what’s the alternative?” World Beyond War is pleased to provide the book that everyone has been asking for: A Global Security System: An Alternative to War. It describes the “hardware” of creating a peace system, and the “software” — the values and concepts — necessary to operate a peace […]

▶ Naomi Klein and Stephen Zunes “Taking On The Empire”

Editor’s Note: This is an amazing panel. It draws together what Zunes calls “messianic militarism” in our times and looking back in history to worldwide colonialism/imperialism (and to the Doctrine of Discovery and native rights in this country although they are not mentioned directly) and the “settler states” that withdrew from the Durban conference led […]

Rebecca Solnit: Too Soon to Tell — The Case for Hope

The future is bigger than our imaginations. It’s unimaginable, and then it comes anyway. To meet it we need to keep going, to walk past what we can imagine. We need to be unstoppable.  By Rebecca Solnit  May 19, 2013  TomDispatch.com Read Tom Engelhardt’s introduction here. Ten years ago, my part of the world was full […]

Rebecca Solnit: Joy Arises, Rules Fall Apart,Thoughts for the Second Anniversary of Occupy Wall Street

Change is rarely as simple as dominos.  Sometimes, it’s as complex as chaos theory and as slow as evolution. Even things that seem to happen suddenly turn out to be flowers that emerge from plants with deep roots in the past or sometimes from long-dormant seeds. By Rebecca Solnit  September 15, 2013  TomDispatch.org Read Tom Engelhardt’s […]

Chris Hedges> Locking Out the Voices of Dissent

The primacy of corporate profit trumps our right to a living wage, affordable and adequate health care, the regulation of industry and environmental controls, protection from corporate fraud and abuse, the right to a good and affordable public education, the ability to form labor unions, and having a government that serves the basic needs of […]

Giuliano Battiston> Peace in Afghanistan, the Civil Society Way

Peace in Afghanistan, the Civil Society Way KABUL – More than a decade after the fall of the Taliban, Afghanistan is still in the midst of an irregular war. Talking peace is difficult because no one quite knows who to talk to. by Giuliano Battiston  Published on Friday, September 7, 2012 by Inter Press Service via Common […]

Kathy Kelly> The Longest War

The Longest War By Kathy Kelly    VCNW   July 2012 Overcoming Lies and Indifference This article was first published by the Mobilizing Ideas website. In April of 2003, I returned from Iraq after having lived there during the U.S. Shock and Awe bombing and the initial weeks of the invasion. Before the bombing I had traveled […]

Arab Revolutions and the Power of Nonviolent Action

Arab Revolutions and the Power of Nonviolent Action Stephen Zunes   Sunday 4 December 2011    Nation of Change “This has not come, in most cases, from a moral or spiritual commitment to nonviolence per se, but simply because it works.” While sit­ting in a Cairo café just a cou­ple blocks from Tahrir Square a […]

Tomgram> Tom Englehardt on Rebecca Solnit’s Ms. Civil Society v. Mr. Unaccountable

Tomgram: Rebecca Solnit, Ms. Civil Society v. Mr. Unaccountable Tom Dispatch When it set up its campsite at Zuccotti Park, Occupy Wall Street was facing in only one direction: toward the financial heart of the planet two blocks away.  The police, who promptly surrounded the encampment and organized their own occupation of the neighborhood, were in a sense facing […]