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Tomgram: Engelhardt, Is a New Political System Emerging in This Country?

Engelhardt: don’t for a second think that the American political system isn’t being rewritten on the run by interested parties in Congress, our present crop of billionaires, corporate interests, lobbyists, the Pentagon, and the officials of the national security state.

Guardian Publicly Challenges World’s Largest Foundations to Divest

From the article: Despite the fact that both foundations consider climate change a serious threat, their combined $70 billion endowments invest millions in funding new fossil fuel exploration and extraction.

Chris Hedges: Thomas Paine, Our Contemporary

Paine knew that the British monarchy, which wielded the global imperial power that America wields today, was blinded by its hubris and military prowess. It had lost the ability to listen and as a result had lost the ability to make rational choices.  By Chris Hedges  truthdig.com  May 25, 2014   Portrait of Thomas Paine by Auguste Millière (1880). […]

Rebecca Solnit> Welcome to the (Don’t Be) Evil Empire: Google Eats the World

So we know what you may not yet: they are not your friends and their vision is not your vision, but your data is their data, and your communications are in their hands, and they seem to be rising to become an arm of or a part-owner of the government or a law unto themselves, […]

Exclusive Interview: Chris Hedges: Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt

 The Rob Kall Bottom Up Radio Show Podcast Exclusive Interview: Chris Hedges: Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt  Another extraordinary interview with Chris, again showing what a visionary, revolutionary We discuss his new book, Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt written with illustrator Joe Sacco. Podcast submitted by Rob Kall (about Rob Kall)    Recorded October […]

Carol Masters> A Common Thread

A Common Thread By Carol Masters   WAMM Newsletter    February 2012 But until the occcupation of Wall Street, we had not yet been able to define ourselves as belonging to a collective group with shared interests; shared interests that cross religious, ethnic, and political lines. The proverbial cat was out of the bag, and […]

Gus Speth> America the Possible> A Manifesto

America the Possible> A Manifesto By Gus Speth   4 March 2012   Yes Magazine via Nation of Change    “Americans are substituting growth and consumption for dealing with the real issues—for doing the things that would make us, and the country, better off.” Eco­nomic growth may be the world’s sec­u­lar re­li­gion, but for much of the […]

Derek McGee> An Iraq Vet’s Journey From Wall Street to OWS

An Iraq Vet’s Journey From Wall Street to OWS Derek McGee    January 25, 2012 This article appeared in the February 13, 2012 edition of The Nation. An American flag flies over the empty Occupy Wall Street Encampment at Zuccotti Park as dawn breaks, Tuesday, Nov. 15, 2011 in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer) In late […]

American Spring> National Occupation of Washington DC (NOW DC) | October 2011

National Occupation of Washington DC (NOW DC)>   March 30, 2012    Join together in Washington, DC for an Occupied American Spring By Kevin Zeese – Posted on 09 November 2011 “We the People” are calling Occupations from across the country to join together for an American Spring in Washington, DC.  The National Occupation of Washington DC […]

Occupy U.S. Video of Wall Street Occupation, September 17

Channel is offline  (see links below) Occupy U.S.   MobileBroadcastNews Free live streaming by Ustream Links to other videos: http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/17342003 Drums Occupy Wall Street   9:20 http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/17342049 Music Section Occupy Wall Street   9:20 http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/17340473 Beautiful Vibes  8:14 There are more.  If you click on one link above they will appear. WAMMToday is now on Facebook! […]

Speak truth to power, by Jim Hightower

Speak truth to power BY JIM HIGHTOWER    Southside Pride Imagine if a couple of national leaders dared to stand up to the corporate powers that have taken control of government. Imagine if one of them came right out and said, “I [am] fed up of living in a country ruled by lies, cynicism and […]

Parts IV, Media and Propaganda and Part V, Crying Wolf? of What Have We Wrought:

What Have We Wrought: thoughts on freedom, taxes, capitalism and democracy Part IV:  Media and Propaganda With a mainstream corporate media that is bought and sold by the likes of Rupert Murdoch, with Clear Channel’s and other right-wing owners control of local radio around the country, how do we reach these relatives and neighbors? Every […]

America in Decline, by Noam Chomsky

America in Decline by Noam Chomsky Nation of Change OpEd Published: Friday 5 August 2011 “What remains of political democracy has been undermined further as both parties have turned to auctioning congressional leadership positions.” “It is a com­mon theme” that the United States, which “only a few years ago was hailed to stride the world […]

Dealing with the Corporate Media | October 2011

Dealing with the Corporate Media  By Kevin Zeese – Posted on 25 July 2011  October2011.org October2011.org believes that along with an independent political movement we need independent media. The Neiman Watchdog column below explains our doubts about corporate media coverage generally as well as for October2011.org.    In the media critique column by John Hanrahan, a former reporter […]

This takes the cake … a brief commentary on the debt crisis

 “This takes the cake …” Commentary by Diane Steen-Hinderlie To default on the national debt reflects what’s happened over the last generation: defaulting on the social contract of having high individual pay results in correspondingly higher revenues for the public good.  Since the latter ’80s I’ve expressed concern about out-of-control CEOpay (with the rest left […]

WAMM Billionaires Thrown Out by MN Legislator!

“Billionaires” thank Minnesota state legislators for pushing the ALEC (American Legislative Exchange Council) agenda – putting the needs of the wealthy and the corporations before those of the common folk. State Senator Dan Hall asks them to leave when he is questioned about ALEC. WAMM (Women Against Military Madness) are the activists talking with the […]

Whatever Happened to Corporate Patriotism? by Ralph Nader

Counterpunch    Weekend Edition      July 22 / 24, 2011 If They’re Not Loyal to Us, Why Should We be Loyal to Them? Whatever Happened to Corporate Patriotism? By RALPH NADER The fireworks and celebrations that mark Independence Day are over. But the need for a national conversation on corporate patriotism has never been more […]

Stealing from Social Security Is NOT a Debt Solution — Why Do the Media Promote This Dangerous Myth? | Media | AlterNet

The Guardian / By Dean Baker   July 11, 2011  |  From Alternet.com Stealing from Social Security Is NOT a Debt Solution — Why Do the Media Promote This Dangerous Myth? Pursuing a plan to kill social security, politicians are relying on a credulous public and compliant media to ramp up debt panic. The conventional wisdom […]

Free Press Action Alert: Rupert is Not Above the Law

Rupert Is Not Above the Law He’s Not Above the Law.  Tell Congress to Investigate. Rupert Murdoch and other News Corporation executives are at the center of a shocking British media scandal that involves spying, bribery, corruption, a corporate cover-up and even murder. We need to know if this media giant’s potential criminal behavior has crossed the […]

Video: Billionaires Told Off!!!

Billionaires Told Off!!! WAMM “Billionaires” met this remarkable women when we were talking with passersby in downtown Minneapolis. WAMM (Women Against Military Madness) members were satirizing the outrageous situation where the Legislature had shut down the state government rather than modestly raise the taxes of the wealthiest.