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▶ Without David Gregory or Chuck Todd GOP Talking Points Get Challenged On Meet The Press

The ISIS Threat: Chris Jansing was the fill in moderator on Meet The Press, and without David Gregory or Chuck Todd, Republican talking points about the threat of ISIS to America were strongly challenged. Chris Jansing Challenges MiKe Rogers – ” Is There Actual Intelligence ISIS Is Threat to U.S.? “ Transcript: CHRIS JANSING: From […]

Juan Cole> Iraq Redux: Top Ten Ways TV Networks Are Screwing Us Again

David Gregory’s attack on Glenn Greenwald is an example of how the media is acting as a government propaganda machine against Edward Snowden. (photo: Alex Wong/Getty Images) By Juan Cole  25 June 13  Informed Comment via ReaderSupportedNews.org U.S. television news is a danger to the security of the United States. First, it is so oriented […]

Peter Hart> David Gregory: Obama’s Failure to Embrace CEOs

David Gregory: Obama’s Failure to Embrace CEOs Post-election lessons are everywhere in the media, as pundits either try to explain how Mitt Romney lost or what Obama must do in his second term. Posted on 11/13/2012 by Peter Hart  FAIR My favorite example of this came on the front page of USA Today (11/8/12): If you think it’s somewhat odd that […]