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Kathy Kelly: Open Our Eyes

By Kathy Kelly  Direct to Rise Up Times Open Our Eyes    While catching up with one another over the challenges facing ordinary Afghans and Egyptians, Sherif Sameer and I talked about how ‘opening our eyes’ could go a long way to building a better world. We decided to co-write this piece, from Ismailia, Egypt […]

[Video] Al Mayadeen News: The causes of the political turmoil and chaos in Egypt

Editor’s Note: This video begins in Arabic but the interview is conducted in English. Al Mayadeen News  From the Inside  June 30, 2013 Click here to view the video. Editor’s Note: This video, while two months old, explains problems in Egypt that have led to the recent violence and turmoil. At the end of the […]

Richard Falk> The Gaza Ceasefire: An Early Assessment

The Gaza Ceasefire: An Early Assessment “There exists a revealing gap between the U.S. insistence all along that Israel’s use of force was fully justified because every country has the right to defend itself and the ceasefire text that placed restrictions on future violence as being applicable to both sides. After the ceasefire, the United States […]

Chomsky: America Acts Like It Owns the World, While Endangering the Planet from Nuclear War and Climate Change

Chomsky: America Acts Like It Owns the World, While Endangering the Planet from Nuclear War and Climate Change Inability to face the truth about ourselves in this country is all too common a feature across American society. By Noam Chomsky October 26, 2012  Democracy Now via AlterNet.org  Note: In a recent speech, Professor Chomsky examined topics largely ignored […]

Noam Chomsky> Is the World Too Big to Fail?

Noam Chomsky, Who Owns the World?  “The U.S. cannot tolerate ‘any exercise of sovereignty’ that interferes with its global designs.” Posted by Noam Chomsky    August 12, 2012 Tom Dispatch In Noam Chomsky’s “Who Owns the World?” — the most popular TomDispatch post of all time (which means the last 10 years) — he wrote of […]

Tom Engelhardt> Washington’s Militarized Mindset

Tom Engelhardt> Washington’s Militarized Mindset The Military Solution> The Lessons Washington Can’t Draw From the Failure of the Military Option  By Tom Engelhardt    July 5, 2012    Tom Dispatch Americans may feel more distant from war than at any time since World War II began.  Certainly, a smaller percentage of us — less than 1% — serves […]

This is a peaceful women’s rights rally . . .

Michael T. Klare> The Energy Wars Heat Up> Six Recent Clashes and Conflicts on a Planet Heading Into Energy Overdrive

The Energy Wars Heat Up> Six Recent Clashes and Conflicts on a Planet Heading Into Energy Overdrive Posted by Michael Klare at 7:42am, May 10, 2012     Tom Dispatch Conflict and intrigue over valuable energy supplies have been features of the international landscape for a long time.  Major wars over oil have been fought every decade or so […]

Facing Calls to Give Up Power, Egypt’s Military Battles Crowds

Facing Calls to Give Up Power, Egypt’s Military Battles Crowds By DAVID D. KIRKPATRICK   Published: November 20, 2011    The New York Times Demonstrators in and around Tahrir Square clashed with the police for a second day on Sunday. Moises Saman for The New York Times.  More Photos » CAIRO — Egypt’s military rulers struggled Sunday to contain an […]

Arms Trade Treaty May Bypass Anti-Riot Weapons: excludes weapons used against protestors worldwide

WAMMToday is now in Facebook.  Become a Friend of WAMMToday.  Search for WAMMToday and “Like” the Facebook page, and check the page regularly. Have an article you want to share?  Email us at wammmedia@gmail.com.   +++++++++++++++ Published on Monday, July 18, 2011 by Inter Press Service from CommonDreams.org Arms Trade Treaty May Bypass Anti-Riot Weapons by […]

Amy Goodman Loses a Sidekick

Amy Goodman Loses a Sidekick By Polly Mann              I first saw him when Amy was doing a program in the Twin Cities a few years ago.  There was a demonstration “Democracy Now” was trying to film.  She was out on the street when she was set upon by the police.  […]