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Minnesota Caucus Resolution: Ban Nuclear Weapons

BE IT RESOLVED THAT the United States take a leadership role in bringing together the nine nuclear nations to work toward the total elimination of nuclear weapons and the signing and ratification of the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons.

Trump: Behind your back and in your backyard

Here are just a few of the Trump administration actions that have come into my email box in the last few days.  Click the titles to read more and take action. The Wilderness Society: The Trump Administration is Stealing YOUR Land The Nation: The Department of Justice Is Overseeing the Resegregation of American Schools CMD: Ambitious Effort […]

No More War (Music Video) and Action, North Korea

With Trump ramping up threats against North Korea, we need to take action to abolish war and urge diplomacy now more than ever! An event  happened in DC here.  You can organize a vigil in your own area. We have flyers and sign-up sheets to download here. Let’s flood the White House with calls between 9 am to 4 pm […]

Frieda Berrigan | Why Tax Resistance Under Trump Needs Its Antiwar Edge

Tax resistance — in all its forms — does matter.

Mary Beaudoin | Warfare of the 21st Century: Cyber Attacks, Super Soldiers, Ghost Ships, and Laser Beams

We can’t win at war so we’d better begin to win at peace.

Ann Wright: Building Bridges of Peace instead of Fear — Citizen Diplomacy with Russia

Wright: With international tensions high, members of our delegation believe its time for the citizens of all nations to loudly declare that military confrontation and hot rhetoric are not the way to resolve international problems.

World Beyond War | A Global Security System: An Alternative to War

World Beyond War: Why is an Alternative Global Security System both Desirable and Necessary?

Polly Mann: Betty McKenzie, a Prisoner of Conscience

Betty’s Pekin home housed about 300 inmates, all nonviolent offenders—a few were bank robbers, one had been an embezzler, but most had been convicted of drug-related charges. Some were there because they could not afford first-rate legal aid. The majority were African American and Latina and young. By Polly Mann  WomenAgainstMilitaryMadness.org  Summer I  July 2015 […]

Syria Emergency Response by WAMM members Meredith Aby, Marie Braun and Sarah Martin

Meredith Aby, Marie Braun, and Sarah Martin from Women Against Military Madness speak out about the new wars in Syria and Iraq during Peace Week, 2014. Speeches given on September 23, 2014 at the Syria Emergency Reponse action at the Federal Building in Minneapolis, Minnesota Marie Braun, WAMM Thank you for coming here today to speak […]

▶ Why End War (in 2 minutes) (submitted to TED)

David Swanson takes two minutes to tell how to end war and save the planets resources and feed the hungry in the meantime. Subscribe or “Follow” us on RiseUpTimes.org. Rise Up Times is also on Facebook! Check the Rise Up Times page for posts from this blog and more! “Like” our page today. Rise Up Times is also […]

▶ Playing for Change: Aint Gonna Study War No More [Music]

SYNOPSIS  PlayingforChange.com Today we are proud to share with you the video trailer for our upcoming album!! “PFC3 Songs Around The World” features 185 musicians from 31 countries, including performances from Keith Richards, Sara Bareilles, Taj Mahal, Toots Hibbert from Toots & The Maytals, Los Lobos, Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Keb’ Mo’, and Andres Calamaro, in […]

▶ David Swanson: The Campaign to End All War

Video: The Campaign To End All War By Dennis Trainor, Jr.  January 14th, 2014  www.acronymtv.wordpress.com  PopularResistance.org   In this interview with David Swanson, we discuss a campaign, still in its planning stages, to eliminate “the institution of war as an acceptable enterprise for the human species.” Visiting the website WorldBeyondWar.org, one is prompted to sign a simple two sentence  pledge […]

E. Douglas Kihn: On Ending War

The evidence suggests there is no insurmountable human genetic predisposition to war, but human survival likely depends on assuring there be no more war. By E. Douglas Kihn Tuesday, 21 January 2014  Truthout.org | Op-Ed (Image: Lance Page / t r u t h o u t; Adapted: hansvandenberg30, The U.S. Army) Yogi Berra said it: “The future ain’t […]

[Video] Congress Debates Obama Syria Attack

Politicians and activists argue the legality and aims of Obama’s Syria plan September 6, 2013  TheRealNews.com kucinichaction.com Subscribe or “Follow” us on WAMMToday.org. For the TC EVENTS calendar and the ACTIONS AND ACTION ALERTS click on the tab at the top of the page and click on the item of interest to view. WAMMToday is also on FACEBOOK! Check […]

Anne Winkler-Morey> Ending the war in Afghanistan and supporting the troops. Vote Yes!

Ending the war in Afghanistan and supporting the troops. Vote Yes!   A New York Times poll in March found 69% of Americans went the war in Afghanistan to end. Traveling this country by bicycle for fourteen months talking to people from all walks of life I am willing to wager that if the poll […]

WAMMInspire! Mary White & Marianne Hamilton invite you to WAMM’s 30th Anniversary Party

July 2012 As part of the celebration of Three Decades of Daring Deeds, we are featuring interviews with members who have been with WAMM from its beginnings. Mary White Mary White is one of the founding grandmothers of WAMM. In 1982 she participated in early WAMM meetings at Loretta’s Tea Room (at 26th St. and […]

Tom Burke> 15,000 march against NATO in Chicago

15,000 march against NATO in Chicago By Tom Burke |  May 21, 2012    FightBackNews Carlos Montes, Los Angeles activist targeted by FBI repression, at Chicago anti-NATO protest. (Fight Back! News/Staff) The contingent against political repression lines up to march against NATO in Chicago. Chicago, IL – In the largest anti-war protest ever held in […]

Stunning Photos of How Occupy Oakland Took Over the City

Click here for more Stunning Photos Of How Occupy Oakland Took Over The City  Business Insider    November 3, 2011    Linette Lopez and Robert Johnson WAMMToday is now on Facebook! Check the WAMMToday page for posts from this blog and more! “Like” our page today. You may also subscribe to WAMMToday from this blog […]

Three Weeks Occupying Freedom Plaza

 Three Weeks Occupying Freedom Plaza  Kevin Zeese  Nation of Change   Thursday 27 October 2011 “We’ve had rallies and protests, closed down banks and the Chamber of Commerce, protested in the House, Senate and at the White House.” It has been a whirl­wind of ac­tiv­ity since Oc­to­ber 6 when the oc­cu­pa­tion of Free­dom Plaza began.  We’ve […]

Go to Freedom Plaza. Stop the War Machine. End Empire Before It Ends Us.

Go to Freedom Plaza. Stop the War Machine. End Empire Before It Ends Us.  Coleen Rowley, Former FBI Special Agent Posted October 10, 2011 Huffington Post   The day after our van-load of Minnesotans got back from its “October 2011 — Stop the Machine” occupation of Freedom Plaza, the surprising news came that Washington D.C. authorities extended organizers’ permit for FOUR MORE […]