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30 Nonviolent Things Russia Could Have Done and 30 Nonviolent Things Ukraine Could Do, by David Swanson

Instead of hyped military spending:
Fund educational programs across the world on the value of cultural diversity in friendships and communities, and the abysmal failures of racism, nationalism, and Nazism.

Goodbye to the Dollar, by Chris Hedges

For the majority of Americans, the 2020s will likely be remembered as a demoralizing decade of rising prices, stagnant wages, and fading international competitiveness.

The Guardian: Antisemitism on rise across Europe ‘in worst times since the Nazis’

Experts say attacks go beyond Israel-Palestinian conflict as hate crimes strike fear into Jewish communities By Jon Henley   The Guardian  Thursday 7 August 2014 Mother of Miriam Monsonego, seven, at funeral of her daughter and three other victims of Toulouse school shooting. Photograph: Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images In the space of just one week last month, according to […]

Diana Johnstone> The Servility of the Satellites

The Snowden Affair and the Destruction of Effective Democracy in Europe by DIANA JOHNSTONE  July 5-7, 2013  Counterpunch.org Paris, France. The Snowden affair has revealed even more about Europe than about the United States. Certainly, the facts of NSA spying are significant. But many people suspected that something of the sort was going on.  The […]

Noam Chomsky: Who Owns the Earth?

A minor event, but it forcefully brought home a lesson: The legitimacy of borders – of states, for that matter – is at best conditional and temporary. By Noam Chomsky  05 July 2013  Truthout | Op-Ed (Photo: Michael Kamber / The New York Times)  (This article is adapted from a commencement speech by Noam Chomsky on June 14, […]