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Noam Chomsky | Can We Save Our Democracy and History! (Video)

Chomsky on the media, labor movement, education, immigrants, racism, and current politics.

Jeff Cohen on Media Missing the Costs of Militarism

“We can have raging debates in mainstream media about issues like gun control and gay marriage and minimum wage, but when the elites of both parties agree on military intervention–as they so often do–debate is nearly nonexistent.” By Steve Rendall   April 12, 2013  FAIR BLOG  (Photo: United for Justice With Peace) FAIR founder Jeff Cohen’s latest piece […]

Media and the Keystone March> Little coverage of large climate action

Media and the Keystone March Little coverage of large climate action February 19, 2013  FAIR.org Tens of thousands of climate activists marched in Washington D.C.on February 17. Did the corporate media notice them? The main focus for the activists was the White House’s pending decision on the Keystone pipeline, a project that would deliver tar […]

Media focus on tiny Tea Party rally, ignore antiwar march

Stop Blacking Out Progressive Protests Media focus on tiny Tea Party rally, ignore antiwar march Reported by FAIR:  Fairness and Accuracy in Media     Fair.org A sparsely attended Tea Party rally in Washington, D.C., on March 31 in support of federal spending cuts received generous media attention. One report (Slate, 3/31/11) suggested there was “at […]