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The military-industrial-media complex renders the American populus ill-informed in matters regarding war

“How real is all this influence? Does the military-industrial-media complex (MIMC) actually affect the information we receive and our perception of war?”

Revival Of US Cold War-Era Committee To Echo McCarthy Fear Tactics

Instead of hunting legitimate terror and espionage threats, the group was much more likely to focus its efforts on trying to intimidate, slander and discredit law-abiding organizations that promote cooperation and dialogue between Washington and Moscow…

Henry A. Giroux | Taking notes 53: The fascism of Donald Trump’s America

Giroux: Donald Trump’s blatant appeal to fascist ideology and policy considerations took a more barefaced and dangerous turn last week when he released a statement calling for “a total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States.”

▶ Sami Rasouli: On Islamophobia and Iraq, Back in the Eye of the Storm

Featuring videos of two talks by Sami Rasouli, Iraqi-American and former Minneapolis restaurant owner, who is back in Minnesota for a visit, bringing information about the situation in Iraq and information on Islamophobia, what it is, what it means in the current world situation.

Glenn Greenwald | What’s Scarier: Terrorism, or Governments Blocking Websites in its Name? – The Intercept

Greenwald: There can be no doubt that such new criminal laws are specifically intended to ban ideas these governments dislike.

▶ Noam Chomsky: All Are Trapped By An Institutional Logic That Is Deeply Pathological and That Must Be Cured and Quickly If We Are Not To Put An End To The Human Race

Commentary covers a range of topics from Israel/Palestine to climate change to health care and more… Noam Chomsky with David Barsimian, Conversation, 18 March 2015 https://youtu.be/yIsKwjVuOr4 Noam Chomsky with David Barsamian, Preview, 18 March 2015 Dandelion Salad with Noam Chomsky  Lannan Foundation   March 19, 2015 Subscribe or “Follow” us on RiseUpTimes.org. Rise Up Times is also on Facebook! Check the Rise […]


Glenn Greenwald: Talking to James Risen about “Pay Any Price,” the War on Terror, and Press Freedoms

 Fear is hard to question. It is central to the financial well-being of countless federal bureaucrats, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, analysts, and pundits. Fear generates funds. Glenn Greenwald  The Intercept  November 25, 2014 James Risen, who won the Pulitzer Prize in 2005 for exposing the NSA warrantless eavesdropping program, has long been one of the nation’s […]

Glenn Greenwald: NSA Blows Its Own Top Secret Program in Order to Propagandize

“The NSA engages in this fear-mongering not only publicly but also privately.” By Glenn Greenwald  31 Mar 2014  The Intercept Over the last 40 years, the U.S. government has relied on extreme fear-mongering to demonize transparency. In sum, every time an unwanted whistleblower steps forward, we are treated to the same messaging: You’re all going to die because […]

Common Dreams> Is Netanyahu Planning Nuclear Attack on Iran?

Is Netanyahu Planning Nuclear Attack on Iran? The Sunday Times of London is reporting that ‘Rivals fear Israel’s Binyamin Netanyahu is plotting nuclear strike on Iran.’ – Common Dreams staff  Published on Sunday, November 11, 2012 by Common Dreams Kadima leader Shaul Mofaz unveiling his party’s campaign slogan at a press conference in Tel Aviv on Thursday. His campaign poster […]

Alex Pareene>NYPD must spy on all Muslims to protect us from Iranian photographers

NYPD must spy on all Muslims to protect us from Iranian photographers New York City’s own constitutionally iffy intelligence agency justifies itself with fear-mongering BY ALEX PAREENE   THURSDAY, MAR 22, 2012   Salon.com Ray Kelly (Credit: Reuters/Brendan McDermid) The NYPD is less a “police department” than a secretive and unaccountable international intelligence-gathering organization with a large minority-frisking […]

We Need a “Rout” of Wolves to Evict the ‘Stench’ of Skunks Occupying Washington

We Need a “Rout” of Wolves to Evict the ‘Stench’ of Skunks Occupying Washington Dave Lindorff   Sunday 4 December 2011  Nation of Change Clearly, on the evidence of these two measures working their way through Congress now, we have a federal government that has run amok, that is responding not to the people but […]