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▶ Without David Gregory or Chuck Todd GOP Talking Points Get Challenged On Meet The Press

The ISIS Threat: Chris Jansing was the fill in moderator on Meet The Press, and without David Gregory or Chuck Todd, Republican talking points about the threat of ISIS to America were strongly challenged. Chris Jansing Challenges MiKe Rogers – ” Is There Actual Intelligence ISIS Is Threat to U.S.? “ Transcript: CHRIS JANSING: From […]

The G8 and NATO> The 1 % Threat to the World

The G8 and NATO: The 1 % Threat to the World By the Minnesota CANG8 Committee    WAMM Newsletter May 2012 The two most powerful organizations in the world—one that divides up the resources and the other the enforcer—roam the earth, stealing and killing with impunity. We cannot allow inaction to make us complicit in their […]