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NSA Closely Involved in Guantanamo Interrogations, Documents Show

The NSA documents made explicit reference to the CIA working on interrogations at Guantánamo.

RT interview: Bagram, Gitmo victim: ‘Ticking time bomb intel is falsity, people say anything to stop torture’

Former Bagram and Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg, who was subject to abuse and mentioned in the Senate committee report, dismissed claims that CIA torture could be justified, sharing his own experience with RT. He once made up facts to end the torture. RT.com  December 13, 2014 Click here to view the video READ MORE: 10 […]


 Kathy Kelly shared a link. Please take action today! Call the White House (202-456-1111, 202-456-1414), U.S. Southern Command (305-437-1213) and Department of Defense (703-571-3343) to express concern over the hunger strike and insist on Guantanamo’s closing. GUANTÁNAMO BAY, Cuba  OP-ED CONTRIBUTOR By SAMIR NAJI al HASAN MOQBEL  Published: April 14, 2013  New York Times Opinion Pages Matt Rota […]

Noor Elashi to speak in Twin Cities> Holy Land 5> Father’s Unjust Imprisonment video

Palestine Solidarity Under Attack: From the Holy Land 5 to the Anti War 23 Sunday, April 14 @ 3pm @ Mayday Bookstore @ 301 Cedar Ave, Minneapolis The Holy Land Foundation was once the largest Muslim charity in the United States. That’s until the Bush administration shut it down three months after 9/11 because of […]

Video> Thom Hartmann> The French judge has a torture confession from Gitmo

Uploaded by TheBigPictureRT on Jan 20, 2012 Our nation’s commitment to torture under the Bush Administration has not just become a national embarassment – it’s become an international problem. A French Judge announced Tuesday that he wants to visit Gitmo – and personally investigate allegations of torture and rape made by three former French inmates who served time […]

How U.S. Citizens Are Suing Donald Rumsfeld for Torture

The answer to the question of how Rumsfeld can be sued for the crimes perpetrated by unnamed torturers provides a look at how civil liberties are faring under Obama’s presidency. Rumsfeld must face trial for torture David Szydloski, In These Times By denying the government’s motions to dismiss their complaints, two federal court decisions made […]