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Where’s Humanity with an Exploding National “Defense” Budget? by Marie Braun

“The vast bulk of military expenditures today have nothing to do with keeping us safe. And the advocates for war are a small minority – politicians, militarists, weapons makers, oil companies, and relatively small fanatical groups like al Qaeda.”

Taxes Redux: More Money for War! and the Tax System is Racist!

“The Pentagon budget sucks up more than an outrageously outsized 50 percent of the total Fiscal Year 2021 discretionary budget.” and how the US tax system is racist.

Polly Mann: Nuclear Weapons On Hair Trigger Alert

Instead of modernizing our nuclear warheads, we could be using scientific skills and human ingenuity for the benefit of humanity.

One response to Responses to Kevin Zeese> Chris Hedges Examines the Strategy of Occupy Washington DC

One response to Responses to Kevin Zeese> Chris Hedges Examines the Strategy of Occupy Washington DC Kevin Zeese January 31, 2012 I agree that opposition to war and empire need to continue to be near the top of the agenda of the Occupy Movement. The Freedom Plaza occupation has been aggressive on that protesting at the Armed […]

Carol Masters> Good News in Taxing Times

Good News in Taxing Times    Carol Masters      WAMM Newsletter The curious case of the Community of St. Martin. While most people are complaining about the price of gas, this community is actually taxing itself for driving. But why? Carol Masters explains this, and another effort her community is making with a focus […]

Video: Mall Walkers Confused on Economy, Jobs, War

The intrepid WAMM Mall crew probed current issues with the noon crowd on the Nicollet Mall.

Hope: The Care and Feeding Of, by Rebecca Solnit

WAMMToday is now on Facebook! Check the WAMMToday page for posts from this blog and more! “Like” our page today. Tomgram: Rebecca Solnit, Hope Posted by Rebecca Solnit at 5:28pm, July 31, 2011     TomDispatch.com If someone asked you, last July, to lay odds on the possibility that in 365 days, popular protests in the Middle […]

Videos from the amazing Peacestock 2011: Ray McGovern, Cynthia McKinney, Jack Nelson Pallmeyer, along with Daniel Ellsberg

If you run the stream from this link, you will get all the videos, plus a video of Obama speaking on the budget deficit, and at the end of the stream some others of Obama and a Minneapolis press conference and rally in support of Carlos Montes. On July 9th, 2011, the 9th Annual Peacestock: […]

Video: Billionaires Told Off!!!

Billionaires Told Off!!! WAMM “Billionaires” met this remarkable women when we were talking with passersby in downtown Minneapolis. WAMM (Women Against Military Madness) members were satirizing the outrageous situation where the Legislature had shut down the state government rather than modestly raise the taxes of the wealthiest.

There Are Some People Who Don’t Like Change; For Everyone Else There’s Wikileaks

There Are Some People Who Don’t Like Change; For Everyone Else There’s Wikileaks from WarIsACrime.org   David Swanson’s Blog Wikileaks brillant MasterCard Commercial Parody

Anne Winkler-Morey: On “Humanitarian” Military Intervention

On “Humanitarian” Military Intervention by Anne Winkler-Morey     WAMM Newsletter June 2011 Based on a speech given May 4, 2011, at a forum sponsored by May Day Bookstore at the University of Minnesota. Elites who benefit from war don’t fight them, and those men and women who do, would never pick up a gun to protect […]

Are We Giant Suckers? While the US Blows Money on the Military, Europe Spends Dough on Social Programs

Are We Giant Suckers? While the US Blows Money on the Military, Europe Spends Dough on Social Programs Hawks simultaneously argue that lavish U.S. military spending subsidizes Europe’s social welfare programs, and that we’re the smarter party in this deal. AlterNet / By Joshua Holland    June 17, 2011  |   Last week, during his final European visit before retiring, […]

US Routinely Violates Human Rights, Constitutional Guarantees of Undocumented Workers

US Routinely Violates Human Rights, Constitutional Guarantees of Undocumented Workers Submitted by BuzzFlash on Fri, 06/17/2011 – 1:52pm. VALERIE BURCH FOR BUZZFLASH AT TRUTHOUT     truthout.org Mohammed Uddin lived in New York City for 15 out of his 41 years. Back in Bangladesh, he wouldn’t be able to get the life-sustaining heart medication he takes […]

“Capitalism” by Polly Mann

Capitalism:  What is it?   by Polly Mann For more years than I care to admit a small group – six to twelve – have been meeting for breakfast at Curran’s restaurant on Nicollet in South Minneapolis.  The ensuing conversations are always lively and often so loud I suspect they disturb patrons at nearby tables. […]

The story of two brothers and their courageous walk across the country

The story of two brothers and their courageous walk across the country:  Minnesota Move to Amend.  No corporate personhood. About a year ago, on May 16th to be exact,  two brothers – both Vietnam veterans and both in their 60s, with deep roots in Minnesota – set out to walk across the country for democracy; California; Nevada; Utah; […]

The Sacred Cow on Tax Day

How is the War Economy Working for You? A WAMMToday Editorial Comment What no one bothers to mention in all this going after the corporations who have not paid their taxes is that the weapons’ manufacturers have profited greatly from the wars.  (Although GE is also a weapons’ manufacturer, but I see no mention of […]

Malkia Cyril, Center for Media Justice, on corporate power vs. the people–we need a new kind of merger . . .

I need you, I need you, I need freedom . . . We sit at the door of an incredible opportunity . . . Executive Director of the Center for Media Justice Malkia Cyril spoke at the National Conference for Media Reform in Boston on April 8, 2011. The conference was presented by Free Press. […]

Change the Media, Change the World: The National Conference on Media Reform

Change the Media, Change the World:  The National Conference on Media Reform Impressions and Comments by Sue Ann Martinson What happens when 2500 media mavens who are organizers, techies, professors, students, high school teachers, activists, citizen journalists, and media advocates of all stripes get together?  That’s what happened the weekend of April 8-10, 2011 in […]

That is the harsh reality obscured by the media’s focus on celebrity gossip, sports rivalries and lotteries . . .

The mainstream media’s role in creating illusions of power for average Americans.  Excerpted from an article by Robert Sheer on Reader Supported News.  www.readersupportednews.org Robert Scheer | The Peasants Need Pitchforks The delusion of a classless America in which opportunity is equally distributed is the most effective deception perpetrated by the moneyed elite that controls […]


Polly says this is a draft, and she would like some feedback.  Email her at pkellogg@stcloudstate.edu WHY IS IT EASIER TO POINT A FINGER AT A TEACHER THAN A BILLIONAIRE? Teachers do the most important job in our society. Let’s get real. Who among us could teach 5 classes of 25 youngsters 5 days a […]