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John Kiriakou | Obama Should Demand FBI Director James Comey’s Resignation Today

The FBI’s ongoing, long-term incompetence has led to the deaths of far too many Americans. San Bernardino and Orlando are only the beginning. If the FBI can’t do its job, if its only counterterrorism successes are when it entraps hapless idiots who don’t know any better and who never had any intention of committing a terrorist act, it should be scrapped.

William Rivers Pitt> The Weight

The Weight By William Rivers Pitt    25 April 2012     Truthout | Op-Ed (Photo: _Pek_) I pulled into Nazareth, Feelin’ ’bout half-past dead, Just need to find a place, Where I can lay my head. “Mister, can you tell me Where a man might find a bed?” He just grinned and shook my hand, […]