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Janine Jackson | Signs Look Grim for Media Picking the Side of Liberty and Dissent

…it’s only when it comes to some of the most powerful people on the planet that the rules change.

Peter Hart: Chuck Todd, Militarism and Media Diversity

…but when the country might be embarking on a new war (or just extending an old one), then you just have to bring on the TV generals. And those, it turns out, are mostly white guys. … it’s not hard to imagine a different kind of war coverage, one that speaks to regional experts, lawyers or […]

▶ Without David Gregory or Chuck Todd GOP Talking Points Get Challenged On Meet The Press

The ISIS Threat: Chris Jansing was the fill in moderator on Meet The Press, and without David Gregory or Chuck Todd, Republican talking points about the threat of ISIS to America were strongly challenged. Chris Jansing Challenges MiKe Rogers – ” Is There Actual Intelligence ISIS Is Threat to U.S.? “ Transcript: CHRIS JANSING: From […]

Obama’s ‘Manhood Problem’ – and Media’s Humanity Problem

The implicit message is that Obama either doesn’t use–or threaten to use–military force often enough, and in elite political/media circles, this line of analysis, while not often so crudely expressed, is considered normal. And that’s part of the problem. By Peter Hart  April 22, 2014  FAIR.org NBC‘s Meet the Press has made it a regular habit to complain about how […]

When Meet the Press Met Martin Luther King

When Meet the Press Met Martin Luther King 10/18/2011 by Peter Hart  FAIR On his MSNBC show (10/15/11), Chris Hayes went through the NBC archives to look at Martin Luther King’s appearances on Meet the Press. He was struck by the tone of the questions King was asked–and the show put together this clip reel (apologies for the ad you’re […]