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Nathan Schneider — How the Occupy Movement Began: The Full Account

Excerpt from Thank You Anarchy, Notes from the Occupy Apocalypse by Nathan Schneider    By Nathan Schneider  November 1st, 2013  www.truth-out.org  PopularResistance.org   Powered by Translate    Nathan Schneider, the author of “Thank You Anarchy,” was covering the Occupy Movement from its origins.  In his first chapter, reposted below, he chronicles the various threads of uprising […]

Nathan Schneider> How to Succeed in Reoccupation without even trying

 How to Succeed in Reoccupation without even trying  by Nathan Schneider   Saturday 7 April 2012    Nation of Change “Potential allies expect more from the movement, I’d say, and so they should.” I’ve lately been getting the feeling that Occupy Wall Street’s past successes are starting to go to the heads of some people […]

Video: Occupy Wall Street Protest Enters Second Week, Democracy Now

Occupy Wall Street Protest Enters Second Week Uploaded by democracynow on Sep 26, 2011 www. DemocracyNow.org – It is day 10 of the “Occupy Wall Street” campaign. On Saturday, more than 80 protesters were arrested as hundreds took part in yet another march to Wall Street. Many of them were committing civil disobedience by walking in the street, […]