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This is Dakota Land, by Susu Jeffrey

“Rights to the whole of Dakota homelands in southern Minnesota were relinquished in a series of forced treaties, some 24-million acres. Treaty paper, T.P., toilet paper.”

Leona Morgan, The Nuclear Fuel Chain: From Mining to Waste

As well as the negative effects on our bodies, the Nuclear Fuel Chain also lays bare nuclear colonialism and the for-profit nuclear industry.

Israel’s Nuclear Weapons Program

With regard to international WMD non-proliferation conventions, Israel has either not become a signatory of these conventions or has yet to ratify them.

Nuclear Waste Peddlers Still Pushing Yucca Mt. Dump

LaForge: DOE scientists have admitted that waste canisters will corrode away long before the radiation hazards do so. Much of the 70,000 tons of waste slated for a dump “remains radioactive for millions of years” (New York Times, Jan. 17, 1989) and “would be hazardous for millions of years” (NYT, Feb.12, 1989).

Susu Jeffrey: The Hum of the Blood of the Earth [The Mississippi River Poem]

The Hum of the Blood of the Earth                                         after Pare Lorentz   By Susu Jeffrey   Water roaring over rocks in Dakotah, Min-ne-rah-rah                  the sound of the falls   discovered by Father Hennepin     whilst a prisoner       of native people                  hard limestone                  overlays                        sand                stone Big River […]

Polly Mann, Nukewatch: On nuclear power, nuclear weapons, and all things nuclear

One of the publications that I’ve been receiving for years is Nukewatch which comes out quarterly and is filled – every inch of it – with the latest information on nuclear power, nuclear weapons, nuclear accidents and nuclear waste. The following is an abridged version of their Spring 2014 issue plus a paragraph from the spring edition […]

Should radioactive waste come to the Land of 10,000 Lakes?

French Police Battle Anti-Nuclear Activists

French Police Battle Anti-Nuclear Activists Protesters damage railway and delay departure of train carrying German nuclear waste treated in France. Last Modified: 23 Nov 2011 22:25  Al Jazeera English Click here to see the video. French police have battled anti-nuclear protesters as the last train carrying German nuclear waste treated inFranceset off on its journey home. […]