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Support the Cleveland 4

Support the Cleveland 4 Cleveland 4 Support Committee <http://cleveland4solidarity.org/ August 16, 2012 Supporters of Entrapped Activists Rally Saturday in Solidarity with the Cleveland 4 Group to counter-protest Cleveland Tea Party attacks on defendants and Occupy movement Cleveland, OH* — A group calling itself the Cleveland 4 Support Committee is planning to demonstrate and hold a […]

Robert Jensen on Talking Radical in a Mainstream World

 Click here to see the video. Robert Jensen gives a teach-in on Talking Radical in a Mainstream World for Occupy Austin’s Independence Day gathering. Occupy Austin (7/4/12) describes the goal of the gathering: “We are coming together to write a new declaration. A Declaration that reminds us of the uncertain road that those who founded […]

Dissent Without Permission> Will Protest Permits & Free Speech Zones Halt or Hasten Rebellion?

Dissent Without Permission: Will Protest Permits & Free Speech Zones Halt Or Hasten Rebellion? Posted on July 21, 2012 by IronBoltBruce   Occupy New Hampshire “Dissent without permission” may sound like Orwellian doublespeak, but for Chinese, Russians, Americans and others it’s a criminal offense. Will that backfire? IN CHINA, “protesting” without a permit – which defines and limits where, […]

Occupy Protesters’ Rights Must Be Protected, U.N. Says; U.S. Says Nothing

Occupy Protesters’ Rights Must Be Protected, U.N. Says; U.S. Says Nothing By Dan Froomkin    Posted: 06/18/2012 4:53 pm    Huffington Post In November 2011, a University of California, Davis, police officer used pepper spray up-close on protesters. WASHINGTON — Federal officials have yet to respond to two United Nations human rights envoys who formally requested […]

Chris Hedges> Occupy Will Be Back

Occupy Will Be Back Posted on Jun 18, 2012 Photo by Paul Weiksel, Rights reserved In every conflict, insurgency, uprising and revolution I have covered as a foreign correspondent, the power elite used periods of dormancy, lulls and setbacks to write off the opposition. This is why obituaries for the Occupy movement are in vogue. And this is why […]

Josh Stearns> Citizens Get Conflicting Messages About Their Right to Record

Citizens Get Conflicting Messages About Their Right to Record by Josh Stearns, May 29, 2012       MediaShift This month, federal agencies and local officials sent two powerful but conflicting messages to the American public about our right to record. On May 14, the Justice Department submitted a letter to the Baltimore Police Department providing in-depth guidance on […]

Arun Gupta> Has the FBI Launched a War of Entrapment Against the Occupy Movement?

Has the FBI Launched a War of Entrapment Against the Occupy Movement? Is the government unleashing the same methods of entrapment against OWS that it has used against left movements and Muslim-Americans? By Arun Gupta     May 24, 2012  |    AlterNet  Photo Credit: Shutterstock With the high-profile arrest of activists on terrorism charges in Cleveland on […]

Videos> OccupyMN Homes> Jackhammer Eviction and Broken Doors at Press Conference

Published on May 25, 2012 by UpTakeVideo In the dark of night, Hennepin County Sheriff’s officers raided a foreclosed Minneapolis home that is being “defended” by Occupy Minnesota according to the group. Occupy says five people were arrested, but the a crowd of fifty people prevented the officers from evicting them from the house. This is the Hennepin […]

Rob Kall> Framing Protesters and Media as Terrorists

Framing Protesters and Media as Terrorists By Rob Kall (about the author)     May 21, 2012   opednews.com You need to read this. Three NATO Activists Charged with Terror Plot After Posting Video of Police Harassment  We’ve seen the US prosecute and imprison eco-protesters as terrorists.  We’ve seen many examples of police arresting people who photograph or video police making […]

Video> Democracy Now!> Scott Olsen, U.S. Vet Who Nearly Lost Life at Occupy Protest, Brings Antiwar Message to NATO Summit

Published on May 21, 2012 by democracynow DemocracyNow.org – We’re joined at the NATO summit in Chicago by Scott Olsen, who survived two tours in Iraq but almost died when he was hit with a police projectile at an Occupy Oakland protest last year. Olsen returned four of his medals at Sunday’s antiwar march. When asked why he’s […]

John Knefel> Media Bored With Occupy—and Inequality

Bored With Occupy—and Inequality Class issues fade along with protest coverage By John Knefel    Extra! May 2012    FAIR Occupy Wall Street is rightly credited with helping to shift the economic debate in America from a fixation on deficits to issues of income inequality, corporate greed and the centralization of wealth among the richest 1 percent. The movement […]

Katha Pollitt> Women: Occupy the Left

Women: Occupy the Left Katha Pollitt     May 2, 2012   |   This article appeared in the May 21, 2012 edition of The Nation. A woman who identified herself only as Jenna stopped on her way to work to join demonstrators with Occupy Boston on Monday, Oct. 3, 2011. (AP Photo/Josh Reynolds) Women’s rights have always been […]

May Day Video> The Occupy Guitarmy with Tom Morello

Published on May 2, 2012 by ArtNotWarMedia The Occupy Guitarmy and Tom Morello perform for over 10,000 people gathered in Union Square for the May Day protest and march. Video produced by ARTNOTWAR.com Join Us!  Subscribe to WAMMToday from our blog website and “Follow” us.  riseuptimes.wordpress.com WAMMToday is now on Facebook!   Check the WAMMToday page for posts […]

“Make A Ruckus”> Robert Reich Hails Occupy for Exposing Concentration of Wealth and Power

Make A Ruckus”>  Robert Reich Hails Occupy for Exposing Concentration of Wealth and Power  Amy Goodman> Democracy Now! Video Interview May 8, 2012    Nation of Change In his new book, “Beyond Outrage,” former Labor Secretary Robert Reich opens with a dedication to the Occupy Wall Street movement. He writes: “To the Occupiers, and all […]

Minneapolis> Police did indeed give Occupiers free pot, new evidence suggests; DRE program suspended

Police Police did indeed give Occupiers free pot, new evidence suggests; DRE program suspended By Aaron Rupar Wed., May 9 2012 at 11:24 AM   City Pages It appears at least one officer did give pot to Peavey Plaza Occupiers. Last Thursday, we told you about explosive allegations made by a new video report — that state patrol […]

Scott Thompson> Occupy: Alienation and Solidarity

Alienation and Solidarity By Scott Thompson     May 5, 2012  Alienation is the defining feature of our whole civilization, and it operates on multiple levels—the mind is alienated from the body, both are alienated from the spirit, people are alienated from the natural world, races and classes and subcultures are alienated from each other, […]

Tomgram> Noam Chomsky, A Rebellious World or a New Dark Age?

Tomgram> Noam Chomsky, A Rebellious World or a New Dark Age? Posted by Noam Chomsky at 7:39am, May 8, 2012    TomDispatch If you had followed May Day protests in New York City in the mainstream media, you might hardly have noticed that they happened at all.  The stories were generally tucked away, minimalist, focused on a […]

Noam Chomsky> Plutonomy and the Precariat> On the History of the U.S. Economy in Decline

Plutonomy and the Precariat> On the History of the U.S. Economy in Decline Posted by Noam Chomsky at 7:39am, May 8, 2012    TomDispatch The Occupy movement has been an extremely exciting development. Unprecedented, in fact. There’s never been anything like it that I can think of. If the bonds and associations it has established can be sustained […]

Video and transcript> Noam Chomsky on America’s Economic Suicide

Noam Chomsky on America’s Economic Suicide We’re a nation whose leaders are pursuing policies that amount to economic “suicide” Chomsky says. But there are glimmers of possibility. GRITtv / By Laura Flanders and Noam Chomsky May 4, 2012  |    AlterNet Noam Chomsky has not just been watching the Occupy movement. A veteran of the […]

Noam Chomsky> May Day

May Day By Noam Chomsky, Zuccotti Park Press | Op-Ed    30 April 2012    truthout (Image: Rich Black) People seem to know about May Day everywhere except where it began, here in the United States of America. That’s because those in power have done everything they can to erase its real meaning. For example, […]