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Tell Congress to CUT THE PENTAGON! No $813 billion for war. ACT NOW!

Yesterday, Ukrainian and Russian officials held  another round of  high-level negotiations in Turkey. Ukraine says it will accept neutral status and be a non-nuclear country and Russia says it will reduce some military activity “to increase mutual trust.” While these developments give some reason for optimism, Biden’s proposed FY2023 does the opposite.

Chomsky: Biden’s “Radical” Proposals Are Minimum Measures to Avoid Catastrophe, interview by C. J Polychroniou

In this exclusive interview, Noam Chomsky, one of the world’s greatest scholars and leading activists, shares his insights on the state of the world and the conundrum of activism and change, including the significance of the Black Lives Matter movement, the movement for Palestinian rights, the urgency of the climate crisis and the threat of nuclear weapons.

As We Work to Prevent Iran War, It’s Time to End All Our Wars

“On Thursday, the House passed a resolution that would reassert Congress’s constitutional, and long-neglected, power to start and end wars. The resolution faces an uphill battle in the Senate, and this is where progressives should place their energy.”

The Pentagon Budget as Corporate Welfare for Weapons Makers | Tomgram: William Hartung

In translation, they’re telling Congress that they have more money than even they can spend in the time allotted.

The Menace of Trump and the New Authoritarianism: An Interview with Henry Giroux

Trump not only refuses to use the term “democracy” in his speeches, he is also doing everything he can to establish the foundations for an overt authoritarian society.

Tomgram: Engelhardt, The Teflon Wars (Demobilizing America)

A Nation Made by War and a Citizenry Unmade By It

Polly Mann: Where Will All the Money Go in 2016?

The United States could put an end to poverty in this country by a substantial reduction in its enormous military budget. To do this would require a well-funded campaign, and how could the peace movement begin to amass funds sufficient to challenge those provided lobbyists by the military-industrial complex? Lobbyists, in turn, use whatever means are legal (usually, that is) to influence the lawmakers to enact legislation benefiting the arms makers.

Polly Mann> GI Jane and the Enemy Within

GI Jane and the Enemy Within By Polly Mann  March/April 2013  www.worldwidewamm.org Recent legislation authorized women in the military to engage in armed combat. Many of us have been working for change in the opposite direction. Women Against Military Madness had its inception in 1981 when statistics showed that more women than men opposed war […]

Dina Rasor, Truthout> Veterans First … and Their Dogs, Too

Veterans First … and Their Dogs, Too This was another case in which politicians preached to the public that they want “the best for our boys” but then block legislation once the troops come home. Thursday, 27 September 2012 10:25 By Dina Rasor, Truthout | News Analysis Tori Stitt, a former naval officer who did a tour in […]

Tom Dispatch> Offshore Everywhere How Drones, Special Operations Forces, and the U.S. Navy Plan to End National Sovereignty As We Know It

A project of The Nation Institute Tomgram: Engelhardt, Kicking Down the World’s Door Posted by Tom Engelhardt     February 5, 2012     TomDispatch [Note for TomDispatch Readers:  Just a reminder for those planning their week: Jeremy Scahill, one of the best investigative journalists in the business, and I will be talking together on stage at New York University’s […]

Robert Dreyfuss> Nibbling at the Pentagon’s Fat

Nibbling at the Pentagon’s Fat Robert Dreyfuss    January 27, 2012    The Nation Like President Obama’s announcement earlier this month, which drew angry denunciations from hawks, Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta’s more detailed budget ideas for the Pentagon going forward ought be seen as an opening bid. Anyone concerned about the bloated budget at the […]

Tomgram: William Astore, Confessions of a Recovering Weapons Addict

Tomgram: William Astore, Confessions of a Recovering Weapons Addict Posted by William Astore at 8:55AM, January 24, 2012.   TomDispatch Editor’s Note:  See William Astore’s article, “Weapons ‘R’ Us” in a separate posting. The twenty-first century hasn’t exactly been America’s greatest moment.  Still, there remain winners, along with all the losers you might care to mention.  If, in […]

Why is the Most Wasteful Government Agency Not Part of the Deficit Discussion?

Published on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 by On the Commons Why is the Most Wasteful Government Agency Not Part of the Deficit Discussion? Republicans ignore incompetence, bloat and corruption at the Pentagon by David Morris  from CommonDreams.org   Recommended by Coleen Rowley In all the talk about the federal deficit, why is the single largest culprit left out […]