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Rise Up Times, Media for Justice and Peace, January 19, 2022

Hedges, Chomsky, Giroux, Polly Mann, Free Assange, Fake News, Guantanamo, Fascism, Jan. 6th, Climate Crisis, Pipeline Blues, and more

Pipeline Blues
Standin’ on the corner, Singin’ the pipeline blues (2x)
Trying to stop that pipeline, Whatta we got to lose?

Gotta stop Line Three, Stop dirty tar sands oil (2x)
For the sake of the planet, Leave the oil in the soil.
Repeat Chorus

I don’t like Line Three, that oil won’t be used by me (2x)
Gotta’ save our water, while it’s still pure and free.
Repeat Chorus

They’re tearing up our land, polluting our rivers and streams (2x)
Cops are shooting rubber bullets, and brutalizing human beings.
Repeat Chorus

WAMM Newsletter, Winter 2021: Line 3, Polly Mann on Assange, Biden’s First 100 Days

WAMM joins the Water Protectors for Line 3, Biden’s first 100 days, a WAMM campaign on the many sides of military spending, Polly Mann; The Truth Will out despite caging and torture.

Polly Mann, tireless peace and justice activist and cofounder of Women Against Military Madness, celebrates her 101st (no that’s not a typo) birthday with WAMM.

Speak Truth to Power!

Women Against Military Madness Responds to the COVID-19 Pandemic

“Now more than ever we recognize our solidaruty with people at home and around the world.” Kristin Dooley, WAMM Director

Notes from the desk of peace activist Polly Mann (b. Nov. 19, 1919)

On the occasion of her 100th birthday, Polly shares some thoughts about gun control, the CIA, Holiday Hoop-la, positive corporate direction, and Iceland. By Polly Mann  Southside Pride  December 9, 2019 HOLIDAY HOOP-LA Among the many catalogs I receive at Christmas is one from Hammacher Schlemmer. Just why I don’t know. I’ve never bought so […]

Minnesota Antiwar Activists: Polly Mann, Minnesota 8, and Catonsville 9

Like many of you, I suspect, I live a divided life—as described by the Italian communist Antonio Gramsci—with the pessimism of the intellect and the optimism of the will.  —Polly Mann The VIetnam War Era Oral History Project is a project of the Minnesota Historical Society that has documented the experiences of Minnesotans during the […]

A Must Read! The Hidden Structure of Violence: Who Benefits from Global Violence and War, by Polly Mann

The result is a stunning indictment of our violent world and a powerful critique of the ways through which violence is reproduced on a daily basis, whether at the highest levels of the state or in the deepest recesses of the mind.

Polly Mann: Who is Biased?

The Gaza Ministry of Health reported 12,844 Gazan casualties, victims of live fire or tear-gas inhalation.

Women Against Military Madness Newsletter First Issue 2017

Call to action to ban nuclear weapons and other articles.

Women Against Military Madness Newsletter Winter I 2014

Mary Beaudoin, Editor Winter I 2014                                   One of the trains called La Bestia for the huge risks it involves on the long journey north, undertaken to escape gangs, drug cartels, and other dangers threatening the lives of the young […]

Polly Mann, Mary Beaudoin: Breaking Bad Chemistry

 The New York Times reported that getting rid of U.S. chemical weapons “has been more complex, more time-consuming, more costly and more environmentally fraught than anyone imagined.” The cost of all clean-up so far has been $35.4 billion and there is no end in sight. By Polly Mann and Mary Beaudoin  WAMM Newsletter  November/December 2013 […]

[Video] Polly Mann Reminisces About Peace, WAMM and Life

Subscribe or “Follow” us on Rise Up Times.wordpress.com. Rise Up Times is also on FACEBOOK! Check the Rise Up Times page for posts from this blog and more! “Like” our page today.  Find us on TWITTER at Rise Up Times(@touchpeace). Rise Up Times is also on Tumblr and Pinterest. Published on Nov 22, 2013 From videomaker Bill Sorem:  Polly […]

Polly Mann> Mad Investments, Sane Divestments

Global Research reported on July 25 that, according to ArmsControl.org, the United States, in all, “possesses 5,113 nuclear warheads, including tactical, strategic, and non-deployed weapons.”  World military expenditures in 2012, SIPRI states, have been $1,756 trillion, representing which amounts to $249 for each person in the world. By Polly Mann  Women Against Military Madness Newsletter […]

Polly Mann> U.S. Moral Authority

“Now the Iraqi Ministry of Social Affairs has estimated that 4.5 MILLION children have lost one or both parents. Fourteen percent of Iraq’s population are orphans.” By Polly Mann  July 2013  Women Against Military Madness Newsletter Those people who support a policy of having the United States supply military aid and weapons to Syria need […]

Polly Mann> Messages Made Manifest

By Polly Mann  WAMM Newsletter   May 2013 In my article in the March/April issue of the WAMM newsletter I overlooked one category of reasons why women might join the military, and an important one at that – they may truly believe that they can help spread democracy and bring freedom to other nations. That’s because people […]

Polly Mann> GI Jane and the Enemy Within

GI Jane and the Enemy Within By Polly Mann  March/April 2013  www.worldwidewamm.org Recent legislation authorized women in the military to engage in armed combat. Many of us have been working for change in the opposite direction. Women Against Military Madness had its inception in 1981 when statistics showed that more women than men opposed war […]

Polly Mann> Believing in the Power of Love

Believing in the Power of Love By Polly Mann  February 2013  worldwidewamm.org I heard Fr. Elias Chacour, speak in the Twin Cities in 1984. He was one of the most moving speakers I have ever heard and yet his message was quite simple. Elias Chacour, who describes himself as Palestinian-Arab-Christian, is a firm believer in […]

Video> Steve Clemens Speech Accepting the 2012 Vince Hawkinson Honorary Award

Published on Oct 15, 2012 by mennonista1 the text is at my blog: http://www.mennonista.blogspot.com

Polly Mann> On Intervention

On Intervention by Polly Mann   June 4, 2012 The title of a recent article in The Guardian Weekly caught my attention – “It is not always wrong to intervene” and I could go no farther in perusing the news magazine, my principal source of news, both national and international. “Intervening” meant to me one […]

Polly Mann> Syria: The Next Move on the Chess Board

Polly Mann> Syria: The Next Move on the Chess Board  By Polly Mann     WAMM Newsletter      May 2012  Although it would seem unlikely that in international affairs the US government would operate with one set strategy, its behavior indicates it does. So while it might appear that the recent conflict in Libya […]